Untitled Goose Game Is Getting A Vinyl Soundtrack (That Isn’t Just Incessant Honking)

We never expected that goose to evolve into an even bigger superstar, but the legendary bird is waddling its talents over to the music scene with a vinyl record release. Sadly, the album will not contain various remixes of HONK! However, it will feature the musical talents of composer Dan Golding, and is expected to receive a second wave of pre-orders from iam8bit, after the first batch got nabbed by geese fanatics.

Los Angeles based production company iam8bit are offering fans of Untitled Goose Game the chance to acquire a physical release of the game with added goodies. In collaboration with Panic, Australian developers House House and Skybound Games, iam8bit have created exclusive “Lovely Edition” bundles for the indie success, as well as the official Untitled Goose Game Vinyl Soundtrack. Following the recent game update – where players can now manage two geese – the standard and Lovely Edition bundles will be Untitled Goose Game’s first physical boxed editions for Nintendo Switch and PS4.

The vinyl soundtrack features the work of composer Dan Golding, who sampled excerpts from 20th Century French composer Claude Debussy’s masterpiece Préludes to create the unique sound to accompany the goose. Golding entered a process of recording Debussy’s work, staggering them into hundreds of stems, and morphing the legendary composer’s riffs into the signature anthem for the game. Iam8bit celebrates Golding’s innovative work with the release of the vinyl soundtrack for $29.99, which will also include a green “Double Groove” pressing on each of the vinyls, and a 100% recycled material jacket.

The standard boxed edition from iam8bit – retailing at $34.99 for Switch and $29.99 for PS4 – will include either the game cartridge or disk, a 24-page edition of the retail catalogue Plaza Catalogue, a Village Map Poster illustrated by Melbourne-based artist and game developer Marigold Bartlett, and an official “No Goose” sticker. The Lovely Edition offers all of the above boxed in eco-friendly packaging that’s made from 100% recyclable materials, retailing at $39.99 for Switch and $34.99 for PS4.

Untitled Goose Game has been a honking success for House House, who received recognition from the BAFTA’s, Golden Joystick Awards and the D.I.C.E. Awards. With over one million digital copies sold to date, the loveable goose has become a feathery force to be reckoned with both in-game and within the industry, and iam8bit’s physical offering to fans is a lovely edition in itself.

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