Bugsnax: How To Find And Catch All Bugsnax In Garden Grove

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Catching Bugsnax is pretty much the main mechanic in Bugsnax. It's in the name, after all. These adorable and tasty-looking creatures are found all over Snaktooth Island and it's up to you, the cunning journalist, to find and snag them all.

Garden Grove is one of the first areas you'll encounter in Bugsnax, and it's where you'll get the lengthiest tutorial on catching the creatures. From the iconic Bunger to the infuriating Cobhopper, there's enough snax here to comprise a three-course meal. Here's how to get them all.

Every Bugsnax In Garden Grove

Garden Grove is the area with the fewest Bugsnax to capture in the game, with only nine of the critters to find.

Appearance Name Behavior Traits
Bunger Loves ketchup and cheese Meaty, Aggressive
Fryder Loves ketchup, cheese, and ranch dressing
Shishkabug Loves hot sauce and fears Bungers Meaty
Sweetiefly Is only active from 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM Sweet, Flying
White Strabby Loves chocolate Fruity
Dr Sodie Hates ketchup, chocolate, ranch dressing, and fire Sweet
Weenyworm Loves ketchup and cheese Meaty
Cobhopper Evasive
Crispy Snakpod

How To Catch Every Bugsnax In Garden Grove

The table below contains tips on catching all nine types of Bugsnax in Garden Grove. You will need to use the following tools to get them all:

  • Sauce Slinger
    • All sauces required can be found in Garden Grove.
  • Lunchpad
  • Trip Shot
  • Snakgrappler (possibly)
  • You won't be able to get all of these snax at first – some of them will only spawn once you have convinced Beffica to rejoin Snaxburg.

    Appearance Name Location How To Catch
    Bunger There are a few Bungers roaming around the lower level, near the stream. Bungers will happily charge anything covered in ketchup. Lure two of them together and cover one with ketchup using the Sauce Shooter. After getting tackled, a Bunger can be picked up with the Bug Net.
    Fryder Fryders can be found on the ceiling of the small cave on the lower level. Place your Snak Trap on the ground near the Fryder and cover it with one of the sauces it likes. It will willingly walk into the trap.
    Shishkabug Shishkabugs are found on the lower level of Garden Grove near bushes and Bungers. When it notices you, it'll run into a bush. Scare it into a bush and set a trap near the place it entered, then lure a Bunger to the bush with ketchup. Cover the bush with ketchup and the Bunger will attack it, forcing the Shiskabug to scurry out into your trap. Be ready to catch it.
    Sweetiefly You can find Sweetieflies flying in the air during their active hours. To get a Sweetiefly, you will need to launch your Snak Trap at the snak while it's resting, something it'll do periodically. Learn the location that it chooses to rest, and then get ready with the Lunchpad – place it when the Sweetiefly rests and then quickly place your Snak Trap down and aim it. You might have to do this very quickly while the Sweetiefly is asleep, as it's prone to flying away if it notices the Snak Trap while awake.
    White Strabby There is a single White Strabby that hangs out near the bush close to the exit that leads to Flavor Falls. Acts like a normal Strabby. Just scan the White Strabby and then place the Snak Trap in its path. Use chocolate to speed things up.
    Dr Sodie There is a can of Dr Sodie swimming up and down the stream in the middle of the area. Dr Sodie will spray any patch of sauce with water. To catch one, lead it into your Snak Trap with a trail of sauce patches.
    Weenyworm There is one Weenyworm that circles Wambus's pen. The Weenyworm is attracted to ketchup, so cover your Snak Trap in it and keep well away because it’s skittish. Once it is inside the trap, you can catch it easily.
    Cobhopper Cobhoppers spring between the large, round trees in the area. You'll notice them by their sound before you see them. To catch a Cobhopper, you'll have to use the Trip Shot to knock it out of its flight path. Find a way to aim the tripwire between two of the Cobhopper's trees and wait for it to be caught – the snak's path is randomized, so you'll have to be patient. Once it's been knocked down, you can pick it up with the Bug Net.
    Crispy Snakpod There are five Crispy Snakpods in the area and they will only respawn once all five are caught. These are:

    • In Beffica's cave
    • In the Fryder cave
    • On a tree on the lower level, near Beffica's cave
    • On a wall behind Wambus's pen
    • On the cliff between Wambus's farm and the main area
    Snakpods are stationary and easy to grab, but hard to find. Just nab them with the Bug Net or the Snakgrappler, if they're out of reach.

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