Cyberpunk 2077: All Unique Assault Rifles, Ranked

The enemies in Cyberpunk 2077 are not one-trick ponies. Different enemy types attack differently. From the snipers on the rooftops and the drones in the air, to the turrets on the wall and the netrunners in your face, you’ll have your hands full. So what kind of weapons do you need to deal with these various threats?

You could bring a small army. Or you could bring an assault rifle. Some might say “jack of all trades and master of none,” but if you’ve ever found a unique assault rifle, you know that they can truly be masters of all trades as well. The best of the best compete for the top spot on the battlefield and in V’s inventory.

Divided We Stand

  • Assault Rifle.
  • Smart Weapon.
  • Deals electrical damage and has a chance to poison.
  • Iconic: Can target up to five enemies.

Divided We Stand has a lot going for it as the lone smart weapon on this list. It can target five enemies with its system and the rapid-fire makes the poison and shock effects more likely to proc on opponents.

The real downfall is its low DPS. The base number is really low and having to split fire between five enemies usually means that none of them are actually dead after several clips have been emptied. It’s cool looking, but the price to pay for the sleek gold exterior is high.

Moron Labe

  • Assault Rifle.
  • Power Weapon.
  • Iconic: Chance to dismember target. Increased rate of fire.

Alright, so the gun does not do a good job of advertising for itself. “Moron Labe” is a cheap joke and so you might be wary of crafting this gun because of its stupid name. It might be hard, but if you get over the bad pun, you’ll actually have a very effective weapon on your hands.

The increased rate of fire and dismemberment chance stack really nicely with the bullet ricochet feature. It’s not entirely uncommon to fire wildly into a room with this death dealer and hear nothing but crickets after a single clip. The janitor won’t be happy, but V is OK with that.


  • Assault Rifle.
  • Power Weapon.
  • Chance to apply bleed effects.
  • Iconic: Projectiles pierce light cover.

In terms of raw bullet damage, this is the top of the mountain. The Prejudice fires quickly with surprisingly little recoil and gives you tons of mod spots for you to customize. It’s ready to be tailored to your exact specifications.

The best part is that it can fire through cover, so enemies that play it safe are nothing more than fish in a barrel. The bleed effect works on the standard shots and on the power weapon ricochet, so adding damage over time to what is already the highest bullet damage is a lethal combination.

Psalm 11:6

  • Assault Rifle.
  • Power Weapon.
  • Deals thermal damage and has a chance to apply burn effects.
  • Iconic: Thermal damage is increased, as is the likelihood to apply burn effects.

The closest thing you will find to a flamethrower in Cyberpunk 2077 is the Psalm 11:6. The gun deals thermal damage and each bullet has a chance to apply a burn effect. The iconic properties of the gun increase the thermal damage and the odds of the burn status being applied.

As an assault rifle, you’re going to be getting a ton of shots in, which means you are assured that any enemy group that feels just a single clip from this gun will be on fire by the time they can react. If you’ve ever wanted to see if fire is still relevant in Night City, you’ll be a believer after your first encounter with this gun.

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