Cyberpunk 2077: Best Custom PC Control Keybindings

If you’ve been playing Cyberpunk 2077 on the PC, then by this point, you’re probably feeling pretty good about how the game plays, or have at least been able to make the keyboard and mouse work for you. So you might think that suggestions about changing the keybindings are beneath you. It’s a fair point; why fix it if it’s not broken?

Don’t think of this as trying to reinvent the wheel. Whatever you’re doing works. But can it work better? Could you be pinging cyberpsychos better or lobbing your grenades faster? These little changes can make a world of difference in Night City and while you might have to re-learn a couple of controls, it’ll be a smoother experience in the long run.

Gamma Correction

  • Move the Gamma slider from 1 to 1.20

If you are familiar with the experience of going into the desert and getting blinded by all of the dunes there or having to shield your face from a shiny car hood in the middle of the day, then you should know there is a way to fix all of these problems.

Turn up your gamma correction, it’s on the right side of the key bindings screen. It will differ depending on your display, but going from 1 to about 1.20 is about perfect. You’ll still be able to see fine in the alleys and the neon lights don’t lose their luster, but your screen won’t turn to white when glancing at a reflection.


  • Change the Tag button from the middle mouse button to Q

It’s a well-known gamer peeve to click on the mouse button while simultaneously being asked to move the mouse. Unless you’ve got hands made of bricks, it will wiggle. Tagging enemies is great, but unless you’re tagging an enemy right up in your face (and why would you do that?) then it’s best to have a different button.

Q is perfect because your hand will be next to it anyhow and you won’t be moving around, so that left hand will be free to mark away.

Quick Attack

  • Change Quick Attack button from Q to the middle mouse button

It’s funny that this wasn’t changed and updated. It’s been a while since the first Halo, but online gamers quickly learned that moving the melee attack to the right thumbstick button was much faster. The difference between life and death can sometimes be just a split second.

It’s the same concept as the one from Halo. Default settings in most other online FPS games have made this the default and while Cyberpunk 2077 is single-player, you’ll still get the benefit of smacking faster. It’s much more fluid than interrupting left-side movements in melee combat.

Use Combat Gadget

  • Change Use Combat Gadget from the middle mouse button to Q.

This is simply an expansion of the Tag philosophy. When you’re throwing a grenade, you want to make sure you’ve got it lined up well. Once again, the mouse wiggling even a little can make a grenade clank off of cover or go sailing too far.

Additionally, you can accidentally click on this when scrolling through your weapons and nobody likes an accidental grenade tossed at their own feet. Q has been freed up after the last change and it’s close to your movement keys, so this is much better.

Swap Open Main Menu And Open Inventory

  • Change Open Main Menu From I to O.
  • Change Open Inventory From O to I.

In many cases, it’s respectable to not map the key to the first letter of the world. For example, binding a grenade to G is a bad idea. But it’s very odd that the main menu is mapped to I and not the inventory screen.

I and O are both out of the way and that’s fine for dealing with non-combat menus, but it’s counterintuitive. Plus, the main menu in this game is not the character menu, it’s the very first screen, so it doesn’t need to be all that convenient when the Escape key does just fine.

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