Destiny 2: Season Of The Chosen Is Live With Surprise Stasis Nerfs In PvP

Destiny update 3.1.0 brings Guardians the Season of the Chosen. The Cabal are back and looking for a fight after Zavala snubbed their offer to team up. Along with that, Europa has a brand new landing zone, the Moon and Dreaming City have revamped weapons and armor from their respective dungeons, and a whole bunch of Catalysts have come out of the Destiny Content Vault for Guardians looking to enhance their favorite Exotic weapons.

However, there were also quite a few surprises in Bungie’s latest update. Starting with a surprise nerf to Stasis abilities in Destiny 2’s PvP game modes.

Players frozen by Stasis will now have 200 hp instead of 100 hp and take 50% less damage from all non-Stasis sources. “We’re planning a more in-depth abilities tuning pass,” wrote Bungie in the patch notes, “but in the meantime, we’ve implemented this change to increase players’ chances of surviving being frozen.”

Hunter’s Stasis melee has also been tweaked to no longer deal headshot damage but has had its damage buffed from 60 to 90. It’s also easier to use thanks to a reduced melee lunge range when the Stasis ability is fully charged.

The Exo Stranger also has a brand new Stasis Aspect available for all classes to grab via a quest.

Raids are getting a bit more prominence in Season of the Chosen. Secret chests for each raid will now have a chance to drop Enhancement Cores or Enhancement Prisms, and a weekly “featured raid” will give Guardians an Ascendant Shard. This will give avid raiders even more of a reason to grind out raids as it’ll now reward Masterwork materials.

There’s also an absolutely enormous about of bug fixes for Public Events, The Moon, Tangled Shore, The Dreaming City, Strikes, weapons (Merciless is back, baby!), and more. Check out the full notes over on Bungie’s blog.

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