DiRT 5’s Xbox Series X Port Will Be Available November 10

With Microsoft having let the cat out of the bag, developers and publishers alike are now revealing when the next-gen ports of their upcoming titles will be available. Despite having announced two days ago that DiRT 5 would be hitting shelves on November 6, Codemasters has clarified that the Xbox Series X port of the next installment in the DiRT franchise will be available day-one with Microsoft’s latest console.

I suppose Codemasters could have waited to reveal anything, but it seems Microsoft didn’t even know what it was doing with the Series X. Regardless of how everything went down, anyone waiting for the next-gen version of DiRT won’t be in it for the long haul. A mere four days later is hardly that bad. It’s especially not a problem since you can nab the Xbox One port and get the free upgrade when the Series X is out.

Considering the fast turnaround for the Series X release, it’s likely that the PS5 version will be available day and date with the launch of Sony’s new console. It would only make sense as the Xbox port isn’t being pushed back.

To celebrate the reveal of DiRT 5’s second release date, Codemasters has uploaded some next-gen footage for the racer. It’s hard to tell if this is running on Series X, PS5, or PC, but the game looks pretty phenomenal. Racing games tend to have higher visual fidelity because of their lack of complex environments, but this should be a great showcase for the power of next-generation devices.

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