GTA 5’s ‘Lamar roasts Franklin’ meme goes IRL with original actors

Lamar-roasting-Franklin in Grand Theft Auto 5 is in danger of going from meme to cliché (both being French words) in the span of a month. But not before the scene’s original actors recreate it IRL, reminding Franklin once again his yee-yee ass haircut is why Tenisha prefers to date doctors and lawyers. Obviously, this dialogue […]

Battlefield 5’s Free Halloween DLC Gives Players New Skins Instead Of Candy

The first-person shooter Battlefield 5 is the latest game to be giving out Halloween treats to celebrate the spooky season. Players will be able to obtain new free tank and weapon skins simply by logging into the game before November 4. DICE showed the free content on the Battlefield Twitter account. The ‘Dead of Night’ […]

PlayStation 5’s list of launch games starts taking shape

The PlayStation 5 launches Nov. 12, 2020. Sony revealed the date and the price of its newest console in a streaming showcase on Wednesday, along with several games expected at or around the PS5’s arrival. Only a few games have hard-and-fast launch dates confirmed so far. The rest are listed for 2021 for now, but […]

DiRT 5’s Xbox Series X Port Will Be Available November 10

With Microsoft having let the cat out of the bag, developers and publishers alike are now revealing when the next-gen ports of their upcoming titles will be available. Despite having announced two days ago that DiRT 5 would be hitting shelves on November 6, Codemasters has clarified that the Xbox Series X port of the […]

Apex Legends Season 5's Loba Confirmed–Trailer Teases Her Abilities

Apex Legends developer Respawn has released a brand-new Stories from the Outlands trailer, Legacy of a Thief, which confirms that the young girl that Revenant orphaned in the Season 4: Assimilation launch trailer is Loba Andrade. The talented thief will be added as a playable character in Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor alongside a […]

Battlefield 5’s next big update will be its last, says DICE

On Thursday, DICE announced that Battlefield 5’s next big update will come out this summer, and will be the final new-content update the game gets. Battlefield 5’s latest update, Into the Jungle, brought players into the Pacific Theater and introduced new weapons and gear. Into the Jungle is scheduled to end on April 29 with […]

Atlus Fixed Persona 5’s Annoying Insta-Kill Perk In Royal

Fans of Persona 5 might remember a certain confidant ability giving them trouble. Not because it’s hard to get, but because it made playing the game harder. Upon reaching rank 7 with Ryuji, he gave players the Insta-kill ability…whether they wanted it or not. Many guides around the time even recommended not ranking Ryuji’s social […]

PlayStation 5's New "DualSense" Controller Revealed

Fans waiting for new details about Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 can now get a first look at how they’ll be playing their next generation games. It’s not the console, rather the new controller. Announced on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has revealed the first images of the PS5’s new controller. Named “DualSense”, Sony’s latest controller is […]

Why the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is special

The PlayStation 5 is launching this holiday, and Sony is releasing a new controller to go along with the system. The PS5’s DualSense is a followup to the DualShock gamepads. It features the same basic structure with symmetrical dual analog sticks and the familiar face buttons. But Sony is building on that foundation with new […]