Street Fighter 5’s Last DLC Character Is A Callback To Third Strike

It’s funny how the internet can ruin pretty much any surprise. As spotted by AllGamesDelta on Twitter, the Twitch information for today’s Street Fighter V winter update stream accidentally revealed the final DLC character for the game. In a callback to the legendary Third Strike, the last newcomer will be Eleven, the predecessor to the wacky Twelve.

The stream hasn’t yet gotten to his reveal, so we’ll keep you posted on the details. From experience with Third Strike, though, it seems Eleven will be more of a trap character that lures enemies with his tricky moveset. Twelve wasn’t particularly “good,” but then Street Fighter V has turned around even the worst characters from past iterations.

Many fans will likely be disappointed that this final character isn’t a Darkstalkers fighter or even someone from SNK. Speculation had been running rampant about who the final inductee would be and Eleven is kind of…out there? It’s hard to really put into words, but I do appreciate that Capcom is giving fans of Third Strike a reason to feel happy.

With the inevitable Street Fighter 6 reportedly not in a good spot, maybe the next installment of this storied franchise will recall more of Third Strike’s feel. Fans still swear by it as the best game in the series, despite how it took almost 15 years to become recognized by the general public. Capcom might be on fire with its other franchises, but Street Fighter really needs some kind of reinvention for the next-generation. What better way to do that than with a true successor to Third Strike?

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