Dolmen, A Sci-Fi Soulslike With Guns And Melee, Is Coming To PC And Consoles In 2022

Dolmen is another Soulslike, this time coming from a developer called Big Work Studio, based out of Brazil. Rather than trying to fight it out with the many other games in the genre that have a medieval theme, Dolmen sits alongside The Surge, offering up a sci-fi version of the FromSoftware formula.

You know the drill by now. You fight difficult enemies with precision blows and pull up a shield or roll out of the way of harm when being attacked. Along the way, you activate checkpoints and upgrade your powers before pushing deeper into the world. The checkpoints here are called beacons, but they’re essentially Dark Souls fireplaces.

The main difference with Dolmen is how it blends third-person shooting into the mix. Where Bloodborne’s guns are only really a parry system in disguise, Domen lets you aim freely and take enemies out at a distance while still staying mobile. You can pepper them with shots to take their health down and go in for the kill, and you can even land heavy, charged shots.

On top of these systems, you can also apply elemental debuffs to attacks, freezing creatures with ice and presumably burning them with fire, though I’ve only seen the ice one. Blowing them with wind? Maybe. Wetting them with water? Probably not. Shocking them with lightning? Almost certainly.

Another system allows you to use another resource – energy – in place of stamina for a short period, essentially allowing you to be more aggressive when aggression is required.

You play as the Commander, a guy with high-tech armour, a cool, sci-fi axe, an energy shield, and a gun. He’s on a mission to find some crystals or something – it’s not really what matters, look at the cool axe.

Dolmen is heading to PC and consoles in 2022.

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