Stream Xbox One Games To Your iPhone With New App

If you love playing Xbox games, but hate having to play on an actual Xbox, Microsoft’s got a handy solution for you.

Currently being tested among members of the TestFlight program, the latest Xbox App update will allow iPhone owners to stream Xbox One games right to their phone. This will be done via Remote Play, meaning that this is a distinctly different bag from their Xcloud service.

Xbox owners will be able to access their library and play compatible titles from anywhere. Via Wi-Fi, 5G, or LTE, you’ll turn on your Xbox from wherever you are, then access your library and start playing. Once you’re done, it’ll go right back into standby.

It’s a curious rollout, to be sure. Emulating Sony’s Remote Play model on the verge of Xcloud’s imminent launch is a somewhat confusing decision, but it can only be a good thing for Xbox owners. This is an undeniably handy feature, and a huge boon for gamers on the go.

One can’t help but wonder if this will continue to be an option after Xcloud’s widespread adoption, or if they’ll phase it out over time. Regardless, iPhone owners will be able to get their hands on Remote Play soon, as Microsoft has promised the update in the near future.

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