Dragon Age Inquisition: How To Romance Iron Bull

You and your party have a major task ahead of you. There are hoards of monsters, laundry lists of quests, and massive regions to explore in Dragon Age: Inquisition. None of it will be easy and danger is around every corner, but your companions can be more than just powerful allies on the battlefield.  They can become close confidants and even lovers.

Iron Bull, specifically, might seem like he’s only good for a tough fight if you take him at face value. But there’s a lot more to this Qunari if you dive into his romance quests. Here’s a full rundown on how to romance this spicy, but kind-hearted giant.

How To Romance Iron Bull In Dragon Age

Iron Bull is the only companion and only other character in the game besides Josephine who can be romanced by a character of any race or gender. He’s completely open-minded — making him a great choice for a relationship no matter how you’re role-playing your Inquisitor.

You meet Iron Bull after being sent to the Storm Coast to meet a group called the Chargers. Go there and talk with Iron Bull and invite him to join your group. Once he joins, keep him in your party to increase his approval rank. He’s hard to piss off, so don’t worry too hard about your choices in quests.

However, there are a few points to watch out for related to the Templars or rebel mages. In these instances, you should do the good thing and allow them to remain independent.

Learn About His Likes And Dislikes

Bull is also fond of killing Tevinter soldiers, Venatori cult members, and, most of, all High Dragons. He loves a good Dragon fight as he explains in the game at one point. Otherwise, always just choose the romantic or flirty options when speaking to him until you unlock the “Demands of the Qun” quest. Complete it right away and take Iron Bull with you (of course).

Continue building approval up until you reach Skyhold and he will eventually show up in your room. Just go along with his conversation, obviously not rejecting him, and you will start your romance with the big lug.

Take Things To The Next Level, Kadan

To make your relationship serious, the first step is to simply ask him. He will tell you about a tradition his people have and start a new quest called “Tough Love.” You will need to take down a dragon for this quest, so make sure you’re prepared for that kind of fight. The easiest dragon to take down is Fereldan Frostback in the Hinterlands. It is just level 12, so as long as you are at least level 15, you shouldn’t have much trouble taking it down.

After that, just grab some obsidian from any source, take the dragon tooth, and craft the necklace at the requisition table. All that’s left is to take the gift to Iron Bull and watch the fireworks. He will accept the gift and begin calling you “Kadan” which roughly translates to “my heart” in Qunlat.

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