Dreams Announces Beta To Allow Players To Use Creations For “Business Purposes” (With Some Conditions)

You can now use stuff created in Dreams for other “business purposes” so long as you ask Media Molecule nicely first. And so long as you were already using Dreams to make stuff in Early Access.

Dreams released on the PlayStation 4 last month, and although the game hasn’t quite revolutionized the game development industry as Sony had originally hoped, that might just be because folks are a little concerned with what might happen to their creations after they’ve already made them.

To put creators’ minds at ease and to kickstart the Dreams revolution, Media Molecule is hosting a Dreams Beta Evaluation period where dream makers can tinker with taking stuff in Dreams and moving it outside of Dreams.

What sort of stuff? Well, anything really. Media Molecule Studio Director Siobhan Reddy mentioned that he’s already gotten requests from concept artists and music video makers, but there’s conceptually nothing stopping you from trying to port a game made in Dreams to its own stand-alone file.

Media Molecule is in uncharted territory with Dreams, so the Beta Evaluation period is designed to help both them and creators see what they can come up with. Media Molecule got the ball rolling with a few ground rules. First, creators own the stuff they create in Dreams. Compared to some other companies, this is mighty generous. If you want to use the stuff you create in Dreams for an art portfolio or a t-shirt design, they’re fine with it.

Things get trickier if you want to use something you’ve created in Dreams for a different business purpose–like making your own game. For that, you’ll have to send Media Molecule an application and agree to provide them with information on what you’re working on. Also, you can’t just be tinkering on something–you have to have a real project that you’re working towards with the help of Dreams.

Also, applications for the Beta Evaluation are only available to people who were part of Dreams’ Early Access period and you have to have a showreel or something published on Deamiverse.

More details can be obtained from Media Molecule’s website. Will this eventually lead to a full game made in Dreams but sold separately? We’ll find out.

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