DwarfHeim: Grab A Brew With A Few Dwarves In This RTS/City-Builder

Merge Games and Pineleaf Studio are proud to announce the upcoming release of their RTS/city-builder, DwarfHeim. The game will release for the PC in 2020 and features gameplay for 1-4 players at a time. Players will need to think ahead in their layouts while expanding strategically, gathering and refining scarce resources, and building up an army, all while enhancing their forces to be as strong as they can be.

This need to develop a strong army looks to be crucial to gameplay, as players will be racing to expand, and more importantly, take on their Dwarven rivals to conquer the map. DwarfHeim will offer innovation in its RTS gameplay by offering co-op multiplayer where both you and your team must work together to utilize distinct classes and abilities. Perhaps best of all is that Dwarfs stay healthy and strong with through brewing potent ales.

There are several things to look forward to in-game and leading up to its release, including:

  • Four unique classes to choose from including Builder, Miner, Warrior, and Diplomat
  • Build, Mine, Defend and Manage. All are important to attain victory, but players choose their own strategies, units, buildings and technology that best suits them and their teams

There is also a lot to do in the single-player experience, featuring:

  • Sandbox mode that allows for exploration of a vast, open area. Build your own experience and play alone or with up to three friends in the slow-paced sandbox mode
  • Survival mode tests your strategies and strengths with up to three friends or mystic strangers and try to outlive all of the troll waves coming your way
  • Ranked Matchmaking – Rank up by winning competitive matches and face players that match your skill level
  • Friend-Pass – Invite your friends along to play on a free downloadable client of DwarfHeim, even if they haven’t purchased the game

Both the ranked mode and Friend-Pass are sure to be popular once the game formally releases, providing tons of replayability for competitive types and way for players to check out the game and see if they’d like it before buying.

For now, players can click here to wishlist the game on Steam. While there is no formal launch date set in stone, fall of 2020 looks to be the target window according the Steam page.

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