Dying Light 2 Has Sold Over 5 Million Copies

It seems like a lot of people can't get enough of Dying Light's unique mix of zombie slaughter and parkour as Dying Light 2 sold over 5 million copies just three weeks after the game launched on February 3. In a press release sent to GamesRadar, series developer Techland revealed that the title hit the 5 million sales mark on February 25 and that this number is "significantly growing every month."

It also seems like Dying Light 2 has renewed interest in the first game, as the original Dying Light also recently hit a massive sales milestone. Having now sold over 20 million copies, this brings the sales total for the entire series up to 25 million, an impressive feat for a franchise that consists of just two games. Seeing as though we're now coming up to the end of April, we can assume that another two months on store shelves has added to this number even more.

Just like with the first game, Techland has promised to continue supporting Dying Light 2 for years to come, at least a whole five years according to the developer itself. Over the past few months since its release, Dying Light 2 has seen a number of DLC bundles offering up new cosmetics and weaponry – and with a New Game Plus mode right around the corner – Dying Light fans have been eating well.

However, many are still waiting for a new piece of story content to sink their teeth into, but it'll be a while before we see any new DLC that explores what happens after the events of Dying Light 2. The game's lead designer – Tymon Smektała – recently revealed that any upcoming DLC will take place either before or during the events of the actual game, but explains that the team has "some ideas" about story content that takes place in the future.

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