Elden Ring: Every Legendary Armament, Ranked Worst To Best

When it comes to getting legendary weapons in Elden Ring you have to make sure you get the right one. Unless you choose to go for the Legendary Armaments trophy in which you'll need to find all nine. Nevertheless, if you can get your hand on just one of these armaments, then you're game could just get a little easier.

While there may be a fair few legendary weapons to choose from, it's still well known that not all were created equally. Some Legendary Weapons are far from the best weapon in the game. Whereas others could even be called game-breaking. It's all about how you want to play and what weapon you choose to have.

9 Ruins Greatsword

As a colossal weapon, you'd expect it to be filled with powerful hits and devastating attacks, especially since it's classed as a legendary armament. However, it just doesn't quite impress enough to be an incredible weapon.

It's powerful, especially in the earlier to mid-game, but it's not the most powerful weapon in either category so shouldn't be focused on too much. That being said, if you have the right build then this weapon may be the perfect one for you.

8 Grafted Blade Greatsword

The Grafted Blade Greatsword looks awesome. It's unconventional and really looks like something you just don't want to be hit with, especially since it's a colossal sword. However, due to its size and its legendary status, you're in for a treat when fighting.

It's worth mentioning that it's far from the most powerful Legendary weapon in Elden Ring. In fact, it's far from the best colossal sword in the game either. Nevertheless, you can still pack a decent punch with this weapon, and it has a buffing skill that could be useful in battle. It's just nothing compared to other legendary armaments.

7 Devourer's Scepter

As a predominantly faith-related weapon, this Scepter is capable of doing some intense fire damage as well as just great damage in general. Also, who doesn't want a legendary weapon where the skill is called Devourer of Worlds?

It all depends on the style you prefer to play, but this is a great way of getting the damage in as well as a little bit of healing. The skill itself steals health from the enemy but does cost a moderate amount of faith to do so. If you want to use this weapon effectively make sure you have enough faith.

6 Eclipse Shotel

This rather painful-looking curved sword can certainly pack a punch and requires very little faith, dexterity, or strength to wield. However, that does mean the scaling isn't the best. Luckily the skill and damage make up for it.

The Eclipse Shotel is good for those who like to dabble in magic as well as a bit of melee since it has a skill called Death Flare. This skill inflicts the death ailment on your enemies and then allows you to do a devastating explosion attack right after. It may not have all the damage in the world, but the skill is fun and effective to use and it can hold its own.

5 Marais Executioner's Sword

Marias Executioner's Sword may not look as powerful as any of the Colossus weapons, but this standard Greatsword should never be underestimated, just like the boss you'll need to kill to get it. Killing Elemer of the Briar is a real challenge for most players, so it can seem like it's not really worth looking for, but that fight is well worth doing when this is a reward.

One attack with this weapon, and you'll find yourself doing a fair chunk of damage per hit, as well as enabling a deadly skill called Eochaid's Dancing Blade. Once you've released that skill you get to watch as your weapon violently spins into the enemy, knocking them down for a huge amount of damage.

4 Golden Order Greatsword

Taking a relatively small step up from previous legendary armaments, the Golden Order Greatsword is an extremely fun weapon to fight with, especially with that, probably less than deadly design. Nevertheless, if you like using holy attacks and prefer a bit of magic with your melee, this is the weapon for you.

Its holy attacks are intense, and the weapon requires very little Strength, Dexterity, and Faith if you want to wield it. The damage output is much higher than previous weapons, and it is not too hard to get hold of. It's worth giving it a try.

3 Bolt Of Gransax

There are a fair few powerful weapons in Elden Ring, but the Bolt of Gransax just towers above so many of them. If you like using spears then this weapon is the only one you need to be looking for, it's miles above any other of its kind. Especially with the Ancient Lightning Spear skill it has, which will imbue the power and damage of a furious dragon.

This skill, unique to the weapon, covers the Bolt of Gransax with a dragon's red lightning which you can then throw at the enemy. It does an incredible amount of damage, looks awesome, and can be charged up if you want it to have more power. This weapon is just awesome.

2 Dark Moon Greatsword

As the Dark Moon Greatsword reappears into Elden Ring, many fans of FromSoftware will probably notice its sizable increase in power. After all, that skill is a game-changer if you use it right.

Once you activate the skill – Moonlight Greatsword – your sword is covered in moonlight, which increases your magic damage and slows enemies or even freezes them in place if you're lucky. You can also charge this skill to release some charged attacks at the poor slowed enemy. It's a very powerful weapon that is well worth using if you can get it.

1 Sword Of Night And Flame

The Sword of Night and Flame is commonly known as the best weapon in the game. Now it's worth noting that this all depends on your build and this may not work fully for you, but even if it doesn't, it's still a bordering on broken weapon that takes overpowered to a new meaning.

Most of the speedrunners are using this weapon, and it's allowing them to beat the bosses as quickly as they can due to the damage it does and the skill it possesses. It's called Night-and-Flame Stance and allows you to cast a Night Comet sorcery which does a significant amount of damage and even pushes them out of your way. Perfect for crowd control, or really any battle you find yourself in.

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