Elden Ring: Unsightly Catacombs Dungeon Guide

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The Unsightly Catacombs are located in a corner you may not have ventured to in the Atlus Plateau if you took the Grand Lift of Dectus instead of the Ruin-Strewn Precipice to enter. If that's the case, you can ride from Atlus Plateau Site of Grace up North to Erdtree-Gazing Hill Grace. From here, head West past one of Elden Ring's many dragons and some carriage coffins.

The Unsightly Catacombs are located to the West of the large shallow lake near the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace. Head North-West and down a small hill. The dungeon is locked behind an imp statue fog gate.

Unsightly Catacombs Overview

Unsightly Catacombs Overview
Bosses Perfumer Tricia and Misbegotten Warrior
Enemies Misbegotten, Ogre
Notable Loot Grave Glovewort, Ghost Glovewort, Winged Misbegotten Ashes, Rune Arc, Prattling Pate "Apologies"

Dungeon Walkthrough

After passing the cave's Site of Grace, you'll enter a room where you hear snoring. To your right, behind the second pillar is a sleeping Misbegotten. Near the archway across from you is another sleeping Misbegotten.

The next area has two larger and stronger Misbegotten that carry heavier weapons. There's a summoning statue in the hall with you. Try luring them off the ledge, if you can. There is a hall you can walk around to the left and right of the stairs. The only thing you can find is a Grave Glovewort (5).

Down the stairs, there will be another regular Misbegotten hiding to the right. To the left of the stairs, if you look down into the abyss, you will be able to see the lever that opens the boss door. You can continue through the cave regularly, or you can attempt to roll-dodge down and skip everything to get to the lever.

There's another archway continuing forward past these stairs. It leads you to a room with a resting Misbegotten and a stray dog on the other side of the room. They won't see you until you get close or attack. Another Grave Glovewort (5) can be found at the other end. Continue through the doorway to the right of the room to find more stairs.

Past these stairs you'll find trouble, and then the boss door. To get to the lever, you want to jump down into this Misbegotten den to the right of the stairs. A Grave Glovewort (4) is near the ledge. Target-lock here to see what you're up against. There are about four regular Misbegotten here. You will also find Spirit Ashes on a corpse for Winged Misbegotten and Ghost Glovewort (5) in the den.

Enter through the next doorway and you'll run straight into the lever that opens the door. Turn left or right to walk around and find a Rune Arc and the Prattling Pate item "Apologies". You'll want to be careful as an ogre is on the other side, adjacent to the lever. Jump down to continue.

You'll enter an open area where there will be Grave Glovewort (4) to loot. If you look up, you'll notice the lever to your right and an ogre waiting to your left if you haven't killed it already. You can sneak around the edge of this room to avoid the ogre. With ranged damage, you'll be able to get some good hits in before he jumps down. Ahead is the door to the boss room.

Boss Fight Guide

Perfumer Tricia and Misbegotten Warrior

This is a duo boss fight between a raging Perfumer and a Misbegotten pet. This is a particularly difficult fight since both enemies are as trouble as regular enemies let alone together as bosses.

While you may think using summons makes the game easy, when you're thrown into a room with two raging bosses against yourself, it may be time to consider summoning. You don't even have to use an overpowered Spirit Ash, just anyone that will be able to distract one boss so that you can deal with one at a time.

The Misbegotten Warrior's attacks are fast, consistent, and hard. Perfumer Tricia moves more slowly and uses that sprinkling ash explosion attack Perfumer's often uses. When soloing this duo, as long as you make sure to stay away from Perfumer Tricia while battling the Misbegotten Warrior, those explosions shouldn't be an issue.

What will be an issue is that Perfumer Tricia will buff and heal the Misbegotten Warrior. It will be very hard to take down Perfumer Tricia with the quick and punishing Misbegotten Warrior flailing his sword at you.

That is why using a summon to distract the Misbegotten Warrior is the best option. Killing Perfumer Tricia is easy this way. Then, you can put all your focus into the more troubling of the pair, the warrior, one on one.

If you're a mage one-on-one with the Misbegotten Warrior, it will be hard to find time to cast spells unless your Spirit Ash summon is still alive. If not, consider using fast-casting spells like Glintstone Pebble and Glintstone Stars and using your melee weapon or a melee spell like the Carian Greatsword and Carian Slicer.

Upon defeat of these two, you receive the Perfumer Tricia Ashes.

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