Mable & The Wood Free On GOG This Weekend

Lifelong gamers and those relatively new to gaming can both agree that deals on new games feel more valuable now than quite possibly ever before, as many of those around the world have been left with inordinate amounts of time at home to kill. GOG, the game sales platform created by Witcher developer CD Projekt Red, has just added to the current slate of discounted titles online Mable & The Wood, which is currently free, and will remain so until 7 a.m. on Sunday, March 22.

Mable & The Wood is a metroidvania that takes place in a dark, outdoors fantasy setting. Like many of its contemporaries, its graphics are pixely, but with the handcrafted charm that defines many modern day takes on old school graphical styles.

Gameplay is contingent upon interacting with the game’s beasts, which can either be killed or avoided entirely, depending on the player’s choices. Killing beasts grants the protagonist their powers, which can then be used to traverse previously-gated areas. Choosing not to kill enemies extends even to its bosses, and secret pathways that must be located by the player can then be used to circumvent the routes that would require the powers of the spared beasts.

Last week, as part of GOG’s Spring Sale, the company gave away a “Witcher Goodies Collection,” also free of charge, containing bonus content both for the mainline Witcher games and Gwent. Though the current deal for Mable & The Wood is time-limited, GOG has set a precedent of giving away free games that the company could very well keep up. Its rival Epic Games Launcher has committed to offering free games weekly, which currently includes The Stanley Parable and Watch Dogs.

These join a number of other gaming deals meant to help ease time spent quarantined at home: also free at the moment are cloud-based browser gaming service AirConsole (for a two week trial); a Dungeons & Dragons adventure collaboration between Wizards of the Coast, Roll20 and Critical Role; and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which will remain free through March 22. Mable & The Wood can be downloaded from GOG and is playable on Windows computers.

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