Empire Of Sin, Set For Release On Dec. 1, Debuts Pre-Order Trailer

Empire of Sin, a forthcoming strategy game developed by Romero Games and published by Paradox Interactive, is set for release on December 1 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

In the single-player game, players assume the role of one of several mob bosses during the Prohibition Era in Chicago, controlling the actions of their soldiers in an effort to take over the businesses of rival bosses and build their criminal empire. Designed in an art deco style, the game takes place in a real-world historical setting, and allows players to hone their strategy skills rather than simply massacring their opponents.

Bosses can recruit up to 16 soldiers to manage their speakeasies, casinos, brothels, and other illegal ventures. The game uses alcohol as a currency to build the empire. Alcohol can be brewed by players, received from allies, or awarded for completing missions. The quality of alcohol can determine its influence with cheap moonshine, for example, losing value over time.

Likened to the 1999 game Mob Rule, Empire of Sin can involve direct combat, bribes, or alliances with rival gangs to defeat a common enemy. Characters bear a variety of different traits. For example, a character with the hair-trigger trait may be a little quick to reach for their gun and ignore orders. Over time, soldiers learn which traits suit them best to get ahead.

Developed by the wife-and-husband team Brenda and John Romero, with Brenda as the lead designer, Empire of Sin has been inspired by Brenda’s previous experience in the Wizardry video game series, historical board games, and RPG. The couple partnered with Paradox Interactive, which is well known for historical simulation games.

Empire of Sin, which can be pre-ordered through Steam or the Paradox website, is also available on Amazon in the US and Australia. Pre-orders come with The Good Son pack, which features an exclusive mission and recruitable character. The standard edition is listed at $39.99, though there are also Deluxe and Premium editions planned as well.

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