Ever Wanted To Play As Cosmic Ghost Rider? Now You Can

Apparently there’s a Cosmic Ghost Rider, and he looks bada**. He’ll also be playable in Marvel Contest of Champions, taking part in a new event centered around his battle with the Red Goblin.

The mobile game will spend its October with a new Event Quest called Recursion. Apparently the Red Goblin is going to lead an army to conquer the Battlerealm. Cosmic Ghost Rider stands in his way, wielding his signature chain as well as a pair of energy rifles. Is that overkill? Yes. Is it also cool as heck? Also yes.

As part of the event, players will be able to get Cosmic Ghost Rider and Red Goblin on their team. A full accounting of what the update will bring can be found here.

For those wondering, Cosmic Ghost Rider is actually Frank Castle (aka The Punisher). He comes from a universe where Earth lost to Thanos. When he died, Castle was sent to Hell and made a deal with Mephisto to become Ghost Rider. This new Rider then ran into Galactus, who made him a Herald in exchange for letting Galactus devour Earth. So now you have the rage of the Punisher, the unending fury of the Ghost Rider, and the power of Galactus’ Herald in a single person.

Red Goblin, meanwhile, is Norman Osborn with the Carnage symbiote. This combines with the Goblin Formula to make a Spider-Man villain of unmatched power and few weaknesses.

Both of these fearsome fighters are available in Marvel Contest of Champions now.

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