Fall Guys Players Can Get Three Free Crowns Through Prime Gaming

Those still playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and those anticipating the upcoming Nintendo Switch release, can now add three crowns and a new “MVP” costume to their collection. The deal comes with a subscription to Amazon’s Prime Gaming.

Prime Gaming gives subscribers several benefits that change at different points in the month. The beginning of the month usually heralds a slew of new indie games that PC gamers can download. Live service games, like Fall Guys, make up another large chunk of the benefits. The most common prizes to be had are exclusive skins and currency drops. All one has to do is go to the Prime Gaming website and sign into their Amazon Prime account.

The Fall Guys packs started in December 2020 with a winter theme and three crowns. Last month saw a “Slushie Bear” costume and kudos. That one just expired, paving the way for this new bundle that gives three crowns again. The costume this time takes us away from the winter theme in favor of a more sporty MVP garb. This bundle will probably stick around until about March 15.

After that, Fall Guys bundles will continue until mid-May. Every other month seems to give crowns, however, so this bundle and April’s will be of particular interest. We won’t tell your friends that you didn’t get those crowns by winning.

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