Fallout 4: Ballistic Fiber Location And Crafting Guide

Ballistic fiber is a quick way to add high damage resistance to your armor in Fallout 4, but it can be hard to find. This material can alter not only your heavy-duty armor, but ordinary clothing pieces as well, giving you a better resistance to damage and making your trek across The Commonwealth much safer. Though ballistic fiber can be difficult to find in-game, it’s not entirely impossible if you know where to look. If you prefer crafting over trade, there are also several crafting options available to obtain and utilize this material.

There’s no shortage of enemies prowling The Commonwealth in Fallout 4, and despite the fact that you’ll often have a companion by your side, any level of added protection is a welcome advantage. As you progress through the game, you’ll obtain various armor pieces and clothing items from abandoned homes, merchants, and even corpses. Unfortunately, the level of protection offered by these pieces can vary drastically, sometimes offering little to no protection at all. This is where ballistic fiber can come in as a literal lifesaver.

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Ballistic fiber can be purchased from several merchants and NPCs in The Commonwealth. Assuming you’re on good terms with the Brotherhood of Steel, you can purchase ballistic fiber aboard The Prydwen from Teagan. However, if you don’t fancy a trek over to the imposing ship, you can also purchase the material from KL-E-0 in Goodneighbor. Slightly more difficult to find is Lucas Miller, the traveling merchant. If you do find him, he’ll be able to provide players with this coveted material. And finally, Alexis Combes often (but not always) sells ballistic fiber to players who journey into Vault 81.

If you’re short on caps but still need ballistic fiber to enhance your armor, you can also salvage it from various junk items. Military-grade duct tape and a military ammo bag will yield ballistic fiber when broken down by an average player. Of course, if you’ve achieved a rank of 2 or higher in the Scrapper perk, you can receive ballistic fiber from breaking down any clothing item with an attached mod. Once obtained, this fiber can be used to enhance your armor and clothing, giving you a significant boost to your damage resistance. If you’re playing the “Far Harbor” add-on, you can also find this material in Haddock Cove or the Cranberry Island supply shed.

Because ballistic fiber offers players a much-needed boost to their damage resistance, it’s no wonder it’s in high demand. And while salvaging items to obtain ballistic fiber is definitely the cheaper option, it’s not always a sure-fire way to get this mat. This is where merchants come in. With the exception of Alexis Combes in Vault 81, who doesn’t always have this mat for sale, KL-E-0, Lucas Miller, and Teagan should be a reliable source for obtaining ballistic fiber. Knowing where to find this material just might be the difference between life and death for your character. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too long for players to come into contact with the Brotherhood of Steel and, in turn, The Prydwen where Teagan can be found. If you’re able to keep yourself alive long enough to reach The Prydwen, ballistic fiber will greatly improve your chances of survival and your enjoyment of the rest of the game.

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