Fans Create Ending To 80s D&D Cartoon (So A Car Commercial Doesn’t Have To)

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the ’80s might have finished without a proper ending, but fans have given it a proper send-off with a finale based on the script for the series’ planned conclusion.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon ran for three seasons from 1983 to 1985. It followed a group of kids who were transported to a fantasy world by the Dungeons & Dragons amusement park ride, and were gifted magical items by the mysterious Dungeon Master. The basic premise was that they had to search for a portal home while being hunted by the villainous Venger. However, the cartoon concluded without a conclusive ending, with the kids still trapped in the fantasy world in the last episode. This led to an early internet urban legend surrounding the unmade finale, where it would be revealed that the kids died on the Dungeons & Dragons ride and were in Hell. This, obviously, was untrue. It was later revealed that a final episode called Requiem had been written and was made available online. The original voice actors eventually reprised their roles for a radio play version of Requiem, which was then recorded on DVD.

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Requiem was never filmed, but it now exists in a fan-made form. According to ENWorld, the fan version uses a combination of existing animation from the series and artwork created specifically for the episode. The audio of the radio play version of Requiem is also present, with additional performances from fans used when necessary. Katie Leigh graciously reprised her role of Sheila for this episode.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can watch Requiem in the  video embedded below.

This isn’t the first time that an ending for the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon has been created. Just last year, Renault made an advertisement for the Kwid Outsider that featured a live-action ending for the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, with the kids escaping with the aid of the car.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon only had a short run, but it left its mark on a lot of people, which is why there is still so much interest in showing the kids going home 35 years later. Dungeons & Dragons is also experiencing newfound levels of popularity — maybe the day may come when the cartoon is rebooted, or a brand new season is finally created.

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