Final Fantasy 14 Meets Pusheen In The Cutest Crossover Yet

An unlikely crossover is heading to the Apple App Store to supply you with cute stickers for the new year ahead. Final Fantasy 14 is joining forces with everyone’s favorite chubby cat Pusheen, for a collection of animated iMessage stickers to melt your heart. Square Enix announced that the stickers were “coming soon”.

Pusheen – the female cartoon cat – has been dominating your sticker catalogue on Facebook, Instagram, and iMessage since 2010. You would think that her new Final Fantasy wardrobe would transfer a sense of grandeur to her demeanor, but it’s only gone and made her more adorable. To name a few, Pusheen will squeeze into new Final Fantasy personas, including Meowcobo, Catcutar, Tonpurry, and Mewgle. She will also star as the Warrior of Light, poking out of a cardboard box, and the Warrior of Darkness, hiding in a cardboard box. Outfits for jobs from the online game will also be available, such as Ninja, Bard, Dragoon, and Dancer.

Pusheen first appeared in the comic strip Pusheen Things, created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff. The cat has a penchant for blogging, adventures, and Nutella. The plump furball that’s been speaking to your soul for ten years is also no stranger to pop culture crossovers. Pusheen has appeared as Pokemon (Pushemon), turned serious for Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Meowjin), and even posed as characters from the popular television series Supernatural. Pusheen may have helped console fans of the show after its recent finale – ending its 15-year stint.

Final Fantasy 14, on the other hand, is a MMORPG to be taken seriously. Set in the legendary realm of Eorzea, you are tasked with exploring the land and defending it against the Garlean Empire and the Primals; certainly no place for a laid-back cat. Both Final Fantasy 14 and Pusheen are celebrating a ten-year anniversary, making this crossover a celebratory one. The Final Fantasy franchise has a plethora of fantastic characters, so it’s no wonder that Pusheen wanted a piece of the action.

Another surprising crossover that struck the gaming industry was the mix of Immortals Fenyx Rising and Adventure Time. Ubisoft revealed an animated short in the style of the Cartoon Network show, which promised more collaborative content to come.

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