Final Fantasy VII Remake: Every Side Quest In Chapter 14 & How To Complete Them

Final Fantasy VII remake’s nine remaining side quests all appear in Chapter 14, which is spread out over three of the game’s main areas. All of the quests are available straight away, but you’ll need to finish the Tomboy Bandit and Subterranean Menace quests before you’re able to complete Corneo’s Secret Stash and Secret Medicine respectively.

Many of the quests in this chapter can be worked on simultaneously, so it’s best to initiate quests as soon as you encounter them to help speed things up a little. If you complete all nine, you’ll also be rewarded with an Elemental Materia right before climbing over the wall at the end of the chapter.

Missing Children

As you’ve probably already guessed from the name of the quest, Ms. Folia has once again lost track of the kids and is hanging around near the entrance to their hideout looking for them. Speak with her and she’ll again ask you to round them up. Thankfully, they’re all in one place this time so it shouldn’t take too long.

Make your way to the cemetery in the scrapyard and you’ll find Oates alone near some tombstones. He’ll explain that his friends disappeared after touching the tombstones and then some Phantoms will show up. Take them out however you see fit and the four missing kids will reappear. One will give you a Time Materia and then the quest will be completed.

Chocobo Search

Speak with the stablehand outside Chocobo Sam’s and he’ll ask for your help rounding up three missing Chocobos. The first of them can be found in the scrapyard in Sector 5, so make your way over to the Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hill area. When you try to interact with the Chocobo a Rust Drake will appear, so be sure to have ice and wind Materia equipped. Once you’ve defeated it, don’t forget to feed the Chocobo some greens to send it home.

Next, head over towards the old church and you’ll find a Chocobo sat in an alcove on Sanctuary Way, so feed it some greens and then go to the collapsed expressway. The last Chocobo is waiting for you near the end of the Old Bypass section, but before you can feed it the greens you’ll need to take care of the three Trynapolis enemies that show up.

With all three Chocobos now safely home, return to the stables and speak to Sam. He’s so grateful for your help that he’ll give you a lifetime pass for his Chocobo ride services. This will allow you to fast travel between any of the Chocobo stops found throughout the chapter and is extremely useful given how much back and forth is required to complete all nine quests.

Malicious Goons

Speak with Madam M and she’ll recognize Barret as the man that Corneo’s men are looking for. She’ll also mention that they’re on their way over to Aerith’s house right now to look for him. Make your way back towards her house and swing a right into the gated area where you fought Rude earlier to find them.

Sadly, rather than fighting the hoodlums you’ll instead be up against a Tonberry. It might look cute, but series veterans will know that Tonberries are not to be trifled with. It has two instant kill attacks and its Scourge attack will temporarily cause stop, leaving your party wide open to its deadly Chef’s Knife. Keep moving, keep switching characters and be sure to revive fallen party members as quickly as possible.

The Tonberry will typically target the party member that you’re controlling, so switching regularly can help to confuse its AI. There are also brief windows after it misses an attack where it’s easier to chip away at its stagger bar, so try and get in some big attacks immediately after dodging. Eventually you’ll get the better of it, at which point the Hoodlums will flee and the quest will be marked as complete. Sadly, there’s no reward for this one.

Wavering Heart

If you thought that the squats challenge was bad, then you’re going to hate the Wavering Heart side quest. Return to the gym in Wall Market and you’ll run into Andrea who’ll challenge Tifa to a pull-ups competition. It’s like the squats challenge, but features alternating patterns and is broken up into two sections which can make it very difficult to build up the required muscle memory.

Thankfully, much like with the squats challenge, the first stage is fairly simple and is the only one required to complete the quest. You’ll get the Way of the Fist Vol. III item for doing so, which will increase Tifa’s SP by 10. If you want to complete the final two difficulty levels for an orb of Magic Up Materia, another Champion Belt and the Peeress of Pull-Ups trophy, check out our guide on how to do so here.

The Power Of Music

Make your way to the fenced off area behind Wall Market’s inn and you’ll find some of the survivors from the Sector 7 slums. Betty, the little girl whose cats you helped find earlier, will ask you to track down some music to help cheer everybody up. You’ll need three music discs in total, all of which can be found in Wall Market.

Music Disc 16 (Good Night, Until Tomorrow) can be acquired by speaking to the old man in the inn, Music Disc 12 (Fight On!) can be purchased for 50 Gil at the souvenir shop in the coliseum and Music Disc 30 (Stand Up) is given to you by a woman in an alleyway near the Honeybee Inn.

Once you’ve gotten your hands on all three discs, return to the place that you started and play them on the jukebox one by one to complete the quest. You’ll be given the Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. III as a reward, which will increase Barret’s available SP by 10.

Secret Medicine

Speak to the doctor near the Community Center in Sector 5 and he’ll ask for your help tracking down some items that he needs to make a special medicine. Two of them are incredibly simple to get hold of, but the third is tied to the Subterranean Menace side quest and so will take a bit more time.

Head to the Moogle Emporium in the kids’ hideout first and purchase the Moogle’s Mortar for 1 Moogle Medal. Next, run or fast travel over to the old church and pick some of the flowers that Aerith has been tending there.

If you have already completed the Subterranean Menace quest you should already have the Behemoth Horn and so can return to the doctor now to complete the quest. If not, come back after you have it and you’ll be rewarded with the Telluric Scriptures Vol. III item which grants Aerith an extra 10 SP.

Tomboy Bandit

You’ll bump into Johnny moping around near the station in Sector 5. He’s trying to skip town, but can’t do so without his wallet. Unfortunately, he was mugged by a young woman named Kyrie who you may recognize from earlier. He mentions that she ran off in the direction of the church, so make your way over there and you’ll find her standing over Aerith’s flowers.

Kyrie will explain that she’s being hunted by Shinra for stealing a key and ask you to fill in for her in a special coliseum match against the Beast Master and his Hellhound. Make sure you have fire and ice Materia equipped and consider pairing the latter with your elemental Materia in Cloud or Barret’s weapon. Take out the Beast Master as quickly as possible and then hit the Hellhound with ice attacks until it goes down.

Once the battle’s over, return to Kyrie and she’ll try to sneak off. Before she can get away though, her grandmother Mireille turns up and demands that she hands over the key and Johnny’s wallet. She also reveals that she’s the Guardian Angel of the Slums, although by this point most players should have already figured this out.

Corneo’s Secret Stash

Head over to the entrance to the scrapyard and you’ll run into Damon, the reporter you met earlier in Chapter 8. He’ll tell you that Corneo’s vault key has been stolen by the Guardian Angel of the Slums and ask you to head over to her secret hideout to gather more information. If you’ve already completed Tomboy Bandit, you already have the key and so can skip the hideout all together and instead start tracking down the three treasure vaults.

The first is in the scrapyard not far from the Chocobo stop, so make your way there and head up the metal stairs and through the big metal gates. You’ll find the Ruby Tiara here as well as plenty of other useful items. Next, travel to the Chocobo stop in the collapsed expressway and take the right path at the Y-junction to find the second vault and the Diamond Tiara.

Accessing the third vault will require you to continue with the main story a little bit. You’ll reach a point where you’re chasing a Mischievous Shoat that’s stolen Leslie’s key. After defeating it, follow Leslie until he climbs up a ladder. Rather than climbing up after him though, you instead need to hit the switch next to it and then double back on yourself. Once you reach the room where you fought the Shoat, climb over the boxes and then swing a right into the railed area.

Open the gate and take out the Sahagin Prince and his two companions. They’re all weak to fire, so pair your Elemental Materia with an orb of Fire Materia in Cloud’s weapon and go to town on them. Once you’re finished, collect the Emerald Tiara and the other treasure and then continue on with the story.

After emerging from the sewers, you’ll be at a point where it’s possible to complete the chapter. Before climbing over the wall though, be sure to take the three Tiaras to Marle in Evergreen Park and she’ll give you the Art of Swordplay Volume 3 which raises Cloud’s SP by 10.

Subterranean Menace

To begin the quest, head over to Evergreen Park and talk to Wymer, who’ll ask for your help clearing out some of the monsters in Shinra’s underground lab. Head underground using the secret entrance under the playground equipment and follow the path until you reach a ladder. Climb down it and you’ll be back inside the Shinra lab.

Follow the path deeper underground and back towards the area you were in when you first entered the lab in Chapter 13 and you’ll notice an ominous sound getting louder and louder. Eventually, you’ll reach the B5 level and a door that’s slightly ajar and has some security tape and fences around it. Heal up and then head inside to find the Type-0 Behemoth.

This is a tough battle as it has no major weaknesses and some pretty powerful attacks. Avoid using magic while its horns are still intact and aim to cripple both its upper and lower body at the same time to stagger it. Keep switching party members to try and get behind it and don’t forget to make the most of Barret’s ability to inflict ranged damage.

Providing you can keep yourself alive long enough, you’ll eventually emerge victorious and receive a Behemoth Horn for your troubles. Return to the surface and speak to Wymer and he’ll give you Barret’s Wrecking Ball weapon as a reward. If you have the other two ingredients already, you can also hand in the Secret Medicine quest at this point.

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