Final Fantasy VII Remake: How To Find The Graveyard Key

At last, Final Fantasy VII Remake is out, which means we all have the chance to hang out with Aerith once again. Luckily now the characters look like people instead of a collection of blocky polygons.

While getting to know Aerith in Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard, she’ll take Cloud on a tour of her home in the Sector 5 slums. Along the way, you’ll pass by a graveyard in the Nuts ‘N Bolts Hills area that’s been locked behind a gate and requires a key. It’s natural for anyone’s curiosity to be piqued by a locked-off location since there could be goodies hiding within the area. So to help you get inside, here’s how you get your hands on the Graveyard Key.

Where To Get The Graveyard Key

The Graveyard Key is in possession of a bizarre orphan named Moggie, who likely has that moniker due to the elaborate Moogle costume he’s wearing. He’s also a rather ambitious kid since he runs a store called the Moogle Emporium. But he doesn’t take regular, boring gil as payment. In order to buy from him, you need Moogle Medals.

You’ve probably come across Moogle Medals on your travels, as they can be found in chests or by smashing Shinra crates. When you peruse Moggie’s wares, you’ll find the Graveyard Key among the items for sale. It only costs 1 Moogle Medal, so you should be able to buy it pretty easily.

What The Graveyard Key Is Used For

If you use the Graveyard Key right away, you might be disappointed as you’ll just find an empty cemetery. So what’s the point of unlocking this area? Well, there are some side quests that will come later that require the graveyard gate to be open.

The first one is Paying Respects. Cloud will run into an old man near the weapon shop in Sector 5 who’s practically a dead ringer for Death Wish-era Charles Bronson. He laments that he’s unable to visit his wife’s grave due to a monster infestation at the graveyard. Upon entering the graveyard, you’ll have to fight three Ventimantises. They’re pretty tough and can inflict poison on your entire party. Have a good number of antidotes or some healing magic ready. They’re also weak to ice magic, so it would probably be a good idea to freeze them as much as possible. After beating these menacing mantises, the old man will reward you with a studded bracer.

The other side quest is Missing Children. After talking with Ms. Folia in the Center District of Sector 5, head back to the graveyard where you’ll find Oates. You’ll then fight two phantoms that can be beaten quickly by using fire spells. The kids will then give you a valuable piece of time materia.

And that should be everything you need to know about the Graveyard Key. Have fun hanging around the corpses!

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