Fire Emblem: Three Houses Timeskip Guide – What Changes?

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses timeskip is perhaps one of the game’s most defining aspects. Plenty of other Fire Emblem games have had long stretches of time pass, but Three Houses’ timeskip comes equipped with new appearances for almost every character, a massive shift in the tone of the story, and even a handful of altered mechanics.

However, despite the huge changes to the game’s overall appearance, there are very few differences when it comes to gameplay. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what changes when the Fire Emblem: Three Houses timeskip occurs.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – When Does The Timeskip Happen?

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses timeskip occurs after March 31, which is at the end of the game’s 12th chapter. Without spoiling the actual events of the timeskip, Byleth’s appearance will change right before you should be really worried about grabbing every student you can, with the end of Chapter 11 marking the earliest possible end to the White Clouds phase of the game. Players who don’t choose Crimson Flower are given an extra chapter of leeway, and can recruit all the way up until the end of chapter 12.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Timeskip – What’s Different?

To begin with the obvious, all of the students have changed quite a bit after five years of war (although all the adult faculty looks exactly the same). They’ll have different outfits and possibly even different outlooks on life. If you’re playing on a New Game+ save, you can revert the outfit and appearance changes as you see fit, although it won’t change post-war dialogue.

Characters aside, the monastery functions nearly identically to the way it did back when it was still an academy and not a military base. You can still garden, fish, eat with students, and go to tea parties. The only major changes to gameplay here are the Advanced Drills and changes to the Seminar free day option. After the timeskip, Byleth can learn skills from anyone with a higher skill rank than them, not just other faculty members. In addition to that, every single member of the army can also hold seminars, although the subjects of their seminars are fixed to their ‘default’ skills.

That’s pretty much all that changes when the Fire Emblem: Three Houses timeskip happens. Although the students’ appearances and the story see dramatic alterations, the timeskip leaves the core gameplay loop entirely intact, so all you need to worry about is getting your recruitment out of the way before everyone abandons the school.

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