First Blood: Here’s Some Mortal Kombat 11 Rambo Gameplay

After starting us off with Rain, NetherRealm Studios has seen fit to bestow upon us the gift of Rambo. Along with Mileena and Rain, Rambo is the third DLC character to arrive with Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate as part of the second Kombat Pack, and he’s the third character to round out the ‘80s action hero trifecta along with Robocop and The Terminator.

And yes, that’s actually Sylvester Stallone delivering those pithy one-liners and shouting a lot, as confirmed by Ed Boon himself.

As we can see from the most recent gameplay trailer, Rambo is a tricky ranged fighter that seems to prefer to keep his distance. He’s hot a bow, tripwire traps, and claymore mines to keep enemies at a distance and punish them as they try to approach. If they do get in close, Rambo’s enormous knife slashes them before delivering a powerful blow that often sends his opponent flying in the opposite direction.

However, if Rambo wants, he can also approach the enemy using a snake-crawl that ends with him slashing their foot before punching them in the face.

Of course, you can always just whip out the big M60 machine gun to spray bullets and scream. It worked in most of his movies, so no reason it shouldn’t work in Mortal Kombat.

As for costumes, it looks like we’re treated to several looks from throughout Rambo’s movie career, including army fatigues featured in Rambo: First Blood and the black tank top from Rambo: First Blood Part 2. A costume that appears to play up Rambo’s Native American heritage is also available, which features an extremely patriotic headband to signify Rambo’s status as a Vietnam war hero.

Rambo’s first fatality is pretty tame as far as Mortal Kombat 11 goes. A knife to the heart causes Kabal to stumble into a spike trap before Rambo appears behind him to tear out his throat. Compared to Rain’s torso-quartering water saw that also skins them alive while plucking out their eyeballs, it just doesn’t seem creative enough. But it is on-brand for Rambo, I’ll give him that.

We might get a story trailer to go along with Rambo, but considering he’s already had five movies describing his life, it seems a little unnecessary. Mileena is next, then Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate arrives on November 17.

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