First-Person Dead Ops Arcade Coming To Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War In Season 2

Dead Ops Arcade is a Call of Duty Zombies staple dating back to the first Black Ops, so naturally, it found itself in Cold War. It even features a first-person power-up that completely shifts perspective from the usual top-down arcade view to… well, first-person. Now? There’s an entire dedicated mode to it underway.

One eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted this new mode following today’s Cold War update that implemented some season 2 preparations such as a new main-menu for Zombies, the brand new operators including the likes of Maxis, and vehicular customization ahead of Outbreak’s release.

Under Zombies’ leaderboards menu for Dead Ops Arcade, there are four new categories. Originally, there was just Career, Singles, Duos, Trios, and Quads, but now? There’s First-Person Solo, Duo, Trios, and Quads. The graphics aren’t great in first-person Dead Ops Arcade which is to be expected given that it’s meant to be played top-down, but it should be fun to have the option to go in first-person exclusively.

In fact, the comments of this post are flooded with support for the new mode, with many saying that the top-down view is what, in actuality, put them off in the first place. One Redditor said, “Thank God. Now we can actually get to the boss without having to worry about being one-hit by a crawler in a sea of corpses.”

Other changes include the Zombies menu fading away if you go AFK for too long, and even an update to Firebase Z that removes an exploit. This was in the starting area in which players could bypass the first door by leaping up to a balcony and then back the other way to the teleporter right off the bat. This wasn’t just a skip for points as it also glitched out AI for bosses and the undead.

Season 2 goes live tomorrow, and with it, the brand new Fireteam-esc Zombies mode Outbreak will be available free of charge.

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