Doom Eternal Is Really Stressing People Out

Doom Eternal was released on Friday to a vast degree of praise. However, while the game was given a thumbs-up by many, it was not exactly noted for its leisurely pace or Animal Crossing: New Horizons-like calm. Rather, much like its predecessors, its gritty, fast-paced action is pretty stressful, which was biologically proven by one player’s recording of their heart rate over the course of a day playing Doom Eternal.

Using their Fitbit watch, Reddit user i_spot_ads recorded their heart rate for a day playing the ever-challenging Doom Eternal. The game entails shooting and ripping apart demons at a nail-biting pace. Apparently, this may literally be impacting the health of some, if i_spot_ads’ heart rate changes are any indication.

The heart rate chart can be seen below.

As can be seen in the chart above marking i_spot_ads’ heart rate, their heart rate had been fairly average the majority of the day. This is especially true for the first half of the day, which saw occasional spikes.

After stopping recording for a bit at noon, i_spot_ads’ heart rate was at the higher end of average for a bit leading into the afternoon, which may signify this is when they began playing Doom Eternal. However, as marked by the red box and arrow, it is most apparent they began playing Doom Eternal in the evening when their heart rate was mostly significantly on the higher end of average or above average.

While it’s possible this chart is a comedic goof from i_spot_ads, this makes total sense given the unforgiving action and violence of Doom Eternal. As with 2016’s Doom, Doom Eternal hardly ever lets up.

With more puzzle-like combat mechanics, Doom Eternal has managed to separate itself from 2016’s Doom in a significant way. It has many good things going for it, like its music and rapid pace. However, it does falter when it comes to things like swimming and the over-complexity of upgrades. Regardless, it is a nice escape all things considered and is very opposite from the game that released the same day, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If you pick it up, perhaps consider recording your heart rate to compare with i_spot_ads.

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