How To Execute Players In CoD: Warzone, And Why You Should

With over 30 million downloads since its release on March 10, Call of Duty: Warzone is a massive hit, but many players are not aware of one key feature, which is how to finish off their opponents in style. The method of executing an opponent is the same as in Modern Warfare, but since the information is not presented in Warzone’s tutorial, new players are missing out on a flashy, but risky way to finish off opposing players.

Finishing off an opponent is simple in theory, but risky in practice. After downing an opponent, position your operator behind them and hold down the melee button. Operators in Modern Warfare have their own unique signature moves, and this carries over into Warzone, offering a nice level of customization when it comes to finishing off an enemy.

So why bother with a finishing move at all if player needs to compromise their positioning and expose themselves to attack? Ultimately, the move is akin to an ultra-violent teabagging, meaning that it is totally unnecessary but also the highest form of disrespect against an opponent. Executions tell your opponent that not only were they defeated, but there was also ample time to stroll over, walk behind their downed-operator, and finish them off in style.

Now that more players are learning about finishing moves, there will be no shortage of compilation videos on YouTube showing off the best executions, but also the biggest botches in an attempt to finish off an opponent in style.

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