Fortnite season 4 release date: When is season 4 out? When does season 3 end?

Fortnite season 4 release date may have been revealed by Epic Games. Fortnite season 3 has only just begun, with the brand new chapter 2 Battle Pass launching after a series of delays. Fortnite season 3 originally was meant to launch on Thursday April 30, but instead arrived on Wednesday June 17.

Fans will surely be hoping Fortnite season 4 doesn’t suffer similar delays, and if all goes to plan it could be arriving quite quickly.

According to a post by the @FortniteBattle Twitter account, Fortnite season 3 currently has an end date of Thursday August 27.

So if that’s the case then that should be when the Fortnite season 4 release date is as well.

The @FortniteBattle Twitter posted: “Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 ends on August 27th, 2020.


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“This is the current end date, although it can be subject to delays. #FortniteSeason3”.

We’re only at the start of Fortnite season 3, so it remains to be seen how the rest of the season pans out and how that could affect the season 4 storyline.

But there is something that emerged on the Fortnite season 3 launch day that is particularly interesting which could tie into Fortnite season 4.

Dataminers discovered that the mysterious Bunker, which was added to Battle Royale years ago, has suddenly been updated by Epic Games.

The Fortnite season 4 files show the Bunker has now got a new room added to it.

The news was revealed by leaker FortTory who tweeted: “THEY HAVE UPDATED THE BUNKER… FINALLY!!! There is now some sort of room behind it”.

It surely isn’t a coincidence that the files relating to the Bunker have been updated on the same day that Fortnite season 3 launched.

Maybe it will somehow tie into the conclusion of Fortnite season 3, which will lead into the storyline for Fortnite season 4 and the start of the new Battle Pass.

If that’s the case then the Bunker could play a pivotal role in a possible Fortnite season 3 end of season live event.

This all, of course, remains to be seen and given Epic Games’ capacity to surprise it may be just as likely that the Bunker doesn’t play any role at all.

For the time being at any rate.

Fortnite season 3, which is out now, brought with it a brand new flooded map, the Fortilla POI and player base, an unlockable Aquaman skin and plenty of Battle Pass rewards.

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