Free Elder Scrolls Online Prologue Chapter Out This Week–Begins Greymoor Story

Elder Scrolls Online is preparing for a trip to Greymoor, and you can start to get a taste for the new content with a special prologue quest. The prologue is free to all players and available starting today.

The free chapter will take you into Blackreach to face the Icereach Coven, helping to wrap up the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline as it segues into the new Greymoor story. You can find it by selecting “Prologue Quest: The Coven Conspiracy” from the Crown Store, and then finding Lyris Titanborn in your alliance’s Fighter’s Guild. A new story trailer helps set the spooky stage for things to come as well.

If you haven’t played ESO but want to try out the prologue chapter, you can take part in a free play event from April 1-13. On PC, PS4, and Xbox One, you can download the base game and play through a selection of content. (The Steam free play period will be April 1-6). Visit the ESO Free Play page to select your version. The free content will include the Greymoore prologue quest.

This follows a rather large mid-March update, which required players to fully re-download the game. That reinstall came with some benefits, though, like significantly reduced load times and a smaller footprint on your hard drive.

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