Skyward Sword: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Groose

The Legend of Zelda has had a colorful cast of characters in its 35 years, but none compare to the majesty and arrogance of Groose. This red pompadoured titan was your initial Skyward Sword antagonist, looking to best Link at every turn in order to win the heart of Princess Zelda for his own.

Groose saw unprecedented fame after the events of Skyward Sword. Helped by his beautiful redemption arc alongside his heavily meme-able antics… But how much about this lofty loft-wing riding bully do you actually know? Here are some theories and facts surrounding Skyloft’s biggest and baddest that you may have missed.

10 It’s All About The Hair

Although Groose was never winning any franchise awards for fashion sense, his hair remained his most beloved asset. Being deeply offended when Link brought it up during their arguments.

In Hyrule Historia, Designer Hirono tells us that “Groose’s pointy hairstyle was inspired by a rooster’s comb.” Although this is admittedly hilarious, it also makes a lot of sense. Many Skyloftians have features that are bird-like, possibly due to their home above the clouds and reliance on the Loftwings. Groose having a rooster-like comb could represent his aspiration for authority and dominance within the community, and more importantly, over Link.

9 He’s Creative With His Hatred Of Link

Groose’s room on Skyloft contains many hidden Easter Eggs. If you’ve played through the side-quests you’ll know it’s the room Groose’s lackey Cawlin sleeps at night after Groose’s departure – and where the creepy toilet ghost caresses his face. Eagle-eyed fans may have also spotted Grooses’ punching bag – complete with a crude drawing of Links’ face.

It’s located in the corner of the room underneath a large portrait of Groose, begging the question of whether he stared at himself whilst pummeling you. If you hit the bag you’ll also always be sent sprawling on the floor, possibly hinting at how much stronger Groose is than Link.

8 He’s Based On Wildlife’s Fiercest Bird

As previously mentioned Skyward Sword’s Skyloftian population seems to have avian-inspired names as well as characteristics; with Gully, Pipin, and Piper all being named after small shorebirds.

Groose is believed to be a play on words with Goose which we all already know to be among the feistiest of the bird world, but the similarities don’t end there. ‘Goose’ is also used to describe “a foolish person” and “to boost/invigorate”, which reflects Groose’s character growth throughout the story.

7 He Might Be An Ancestor Of The Gerudo

Skyward Sword is chronologically the first game in the franchise, giving us a lot of background on what would be revealed in later titles. One theory that persists from this is that Groose may actually be an ancestor of the Gerudo people.

Groose’s red hair, dark skin, and bright yellow eyes all resemble the Gerudo we see in Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild. This could mean that Ganondorf was a descendant of Groose, as well as both of them being one of the only male Gerudo to be born every 100 years.

6 He Shares His Tunes With Tetra’s Pirate Crew

Groose’s musical theme is one of the most memorable in the franchise, even going on to become its own meme. But for those Zelda fans experiencing deja-vu, you’d be right in thinking this isn’t the first time you heard it.

Some fans have realized the theme is identical to Tetras’ Pirate Crew theme in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. This poses the question of whether this is an easter egg within the timeline, or a tune just simply too good not to use twice.

5 He Shares His Style With His Loftwing

In Skyloft it is a custom and tradition for children to meet their destined Loftwing under the statue of the Goddess Hylia. What seems funny though, is how many of these Loftwing’s share similarities with their owners.

Strichs’ Loftwing has his signature bowl-cut, Orielle’s her braids, and Grooses’ that beautiful coiffed pompadour. It seems that wasn’t enough though, as Groose has also given his Loftwing a large version of his own necklace, matching its green and orange eyes. Fashion.

4 The Groosenator

After seeing Link take down The Imprisoned, Groose soon realizes he can’t match Link’s power. He decides then to help in a different way, fashioning a catapult device on a circular rail to help beat back The Imprisoned, which he dubs The Groosenator.

As it stands, Groose is believed to be the inventor of the catapult within Zelda lore. This meant fans were quick to note the similarities between The Groosenator and a similar catapult used later on by Tetra’s pirate crew in Wind Waker. It’s possible that the later catapult that fired Link into the Forsaken Fortress may therefore have been modeled on The Groosenator, meaning Link has been fired off the thing not once, but twice!

3 He Caused Link To Stand Up For Himself

Groose wants everything Link has, annoyed that the ‘air-headed and ‘lazy’ hero is the one to hold Zelda’s affection and the only one capable of rescuing her from Ghirahim.

At the beginning of the game, he berates Link, saying: “Would you wake up, straighten up, and grow a backbone already?” Although Groose evolves from small-town bully to hero – helping both Link and Zelda survive Ghirahims; plans – it’s possible that these were the words that caused Link to wake up to his own potential. Coming to him at the right moment when Zelda was captured and forcing him to quickly grow up and head to the surface to save her.

2 Is He Part Of The Prophecy?

“Granny” Impa tells Groose: “Ah, You sell yourself short, my friend. You’ll see in time that you have your own role to play in all this.”

Groose of course believes this is just him creating The Groosenator to aid Link against The Imprisoned, but knowing that Groose is part of the Goddess Hylia’s prophecy begs the question: Just how important is Groose to Zelda lore?

Demise cursed Link and Zelda’s bloodlines, so it’s possible that this curse may have spread to Impa and Groose too. We know Impa is fated to be reincarnated as Zelda’s protector, so could Groose be the reincarnation of the Gerudo male born every 100 years, and eventually Ganondorf himself?

1 Wisdom, Courage… And Power?

Knowing Groose would have a role to play within Zelda’s history, is it possible that he unwittingly became the bearer of the Triforce of Power too? We know Zelda is the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, and Link, the Triforce of Courage, but Ganondorf is never referred to as The Triforce of Powers’ bearer – only ever stealing Din, the Goddess of Power’s abilities.

When Demise cursed Link, Zelda, and Impa’s bloodlines it’s possible that Groose got cursed alongside them and became the Triforce of Powers’ bearer. Of course to our knowledge Groose never used it, possibly owing to his kind heart and lack of need, but this would make sense as to why “Granny” Impa told him that he would have his “own role to play in all this.”

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