Fuse Is The Latest Character To Arrive In Apex Legends Next Season

Finally, we know when Season 8 is set to arrive in Apex Legends. “Mayhem,” as the season is called, will begin on February 2, bringing with it a “major overhaul” of Kings Canyon and the new 30-30 Repeater lever-action rifle.

And it also brings the 16th legend to join the Apex Games: Fuse.

We get to know Fuse in the latest Stories from the Outlands short film that Respawn has posted on YouTube. Fuse hails from the planet Salvo, a world dominated by guns, violence, and a complete lack of authority. And also, everyone has an Australian accent.

Fuse and a nameless female friend find a golden grenade as children and it becomes something of a totem between the two of them. An ’80s rock montage shows them growing up, performing amazing feats of violence, and tossing the grenade back and forth as a symbol of their friendly rivalry.

A rivalry that becomes less friendly as the years wear on. One day, Fuse tells her that he’s the next legend in the Apex Games, and rather than wish his bestie farewell, she pulls the pin on their relationship.

The best part is how the explosion severs Fuse’s arm and he’s all “no problemo, I’ll just go get a robot arm. Going to be an Apex Legend now, byeeeee!”

We know nothing about Fuse’s abilities other than they’ll be explosive. Also, Fuse’s art shows him wielding a big honkin’ rocket launcher, so expect that to play into his kit somehow.

Recent datamines into the new Kings Canyon map show that Apex Legends might be getting a 3v3 game mode along with Season 8. Kings Canyon has been sectioned off into smaller arenas that would be perfect for smaller team deathmatch games, which are also mentioned in the map’s code.

There’s still nothing about a bow and arrow arriving in Season 8, but with a repeating rifle coming, maybe we just have to wait for an even more low-tech season first.

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