Subnautica: Creature’s Eggs Explained

Subnautica’s planet 4546B has a lot of beautiful fauna and flora. During your journey to escape the place, you’ll encounter many creatures that will either help you survive or try to kill you at first sight.

Either way, you should try to scan them to learn more about each of the creatures you’re dealing with. The problem? Most of these creatures are aggressive and won’t like you pointing at them with a scanner. Don’t worry, though, as there is a way to safely scan aggressive animals by finding their eggs and taking care of them until something hatches.

Why Should You Find Eggs

There are many reasons why finding eggs in Subnautica is something you should do

  • The creatures that hatch from the eggs won’t be aggressive towards you (except for Ampeels and Crabsquid).
  • You can farm these creatures to use as fuel for the Bioreactor.
  • Looking for these eggs is the perfect activity for anyone who considers themselves a collector and is looking for extra things to do after they’ve finished the game.

How To Hatch Eggs

After finding an egg, take it to your Alien Containment and place it inside. After some time has passed, that egg will hatch into a baby version of its respective species. You can either leave the baby there where it will slowly grow or take it outside and place it in open water; there, it will immediately become an adult version of the species.

Keep in mind that hatched creatures can die inside the Alien Containment if there are too many species in the space.

Types of Eggs

In Planet 4546B, you’ll find 17 Alien Eggs, although only 14 can be collected and hatched. Before the creature hatches, the egg will be labeled as an “unknown creature egg,” but you can guess which creature that egg belongs to thanks to the biome where you found it and how it looks. Here’s how each creature’s egg looks like:

Normal Eggs

Ampeel Egg

This egg has an incubation period of one day, and you’ll find it in the Blood Kelp Zone and the Bulb Zone. It’s easy to recognize since it’s completely red and has little antennas poking out of the egg, similar to the ones an adult Ampeel has. This egg has an energy value of 259, while grown Ampeels have an energy value of 770.

Bonesshark Egg

This egg will hatch in one day, and it has an energy value of 210; meanwhile, a fully grown Bonesshark has an energy value of 630. You’ll be able to find this egg in the Bulb Zone, the Mushroom Forest, and in the Underwater Islands. You’ll be able to tell this egg apart from the rest because it has the same colors as a Boneshark (light purple and yellow).

Crabsnake Egg

These eggs are very oval and purple, with dark purple stripes on the top. You’ll find Crabsnake eggs inside the Jellyshrooms that are in the Jellyshroom cave. These eggs have an energy value of 231, while a Crabsnake has an energy value of 700. These eggs require only one day to hatch.

Crabsquid Egg

You’ll find this type of egg in the Deep Grand Reef and the Northern Blood Kelp Zone. They are easy to spot thanks to their blue shell and the green veins covering the egg. This egg has an energy value of 259, and a fully grown Crabsquid has a value of 770.

Crashfish Egg

This egg is beautiful; it’s perfectly round, red in color, and just transparent enough so you can see a little baby inside. To find this egg, you’ll have to head over to the Kelp Forest Caves, the Safe Shallows, or the Safe Shallows Caves. Once you have it, you can use it for energy since it has a 189 energy value or wait until it hatches since a Crashfish has an energy value of 560.

Lava Lizard Egg

These eggs look very scammy, just like the Lava Lizard’s skin. You can find these in the Lava Castle and the Lava Lakes. They take one day to hatch and have 189 of energy value (a fully grown Lava Lizard has a 560 energy value, so you’ll want to use those for fuel instead).

Cuddlefish Egg

By far, this one has to be the cutest egg in the whole game. These eggs are more transparent than the Crashfish ones, so you can see more clearly the smiling baby Cuddlefish that’s growing inside. The only way to find a Cuddlefish in the game is by hatching is egg, so you’ll need to head over to the Deep Grand Reef Degasi Base, the Dunes Sinkhole, the Lost River Laboratory, the Northeastern Mushroom Forest Caves, or the Northwestern Mushroom Forest Caves, to find one of these.

Once the eggs hatch, you’ll gain a cute companion that can follow you around and even perform various actions like magic tricks or cuddles. Alternatively, you can use the egg as fuel since it has a 210 energy value.

Jellyray Egg

The best way to describe these eggs is that they look like small and blue spaceships. You’ll be able to spot these in the Deep Grand Reef, the Mushroom Forest, and in the Mushroom Forest Caves. They have a low energy value, only 119. However, the energy value of an adult Jelluray is higher, 350 to be precise.

Gasopod Egg

Gasopod eggs are located in the Crash Zone Mesas, the Dunes, or in the Safe Shallows. These eggs take one day to hatch and are green with little yellow dots here and there. You can use the egg for fuel since it has a 231 energy value or wait until it hatches to use the Gasopod, as this one has a 700 energy value.

Mesmer Egg

Just like the creature where it comes from, Mesmer eggs are gorgeous. They kind of look like the dragon eggs from Game Of Thrones but with different shades of blue. You’ll find these eggs in the Bulb Zone, the Bulb Zone Caves, and in the Lost River. If you want, you can use the egg for fuel, but it only has an energy value of 175 (a grown Mesmer will have an energy value of 560).

Sand Shark Egg

These eggs look pointy, with spikes were poking out of them. You can find them in the Grassy Plateaus and use them for their energy value of 210. Still, a fully grown Sand Shark can provide a 630 energy value.

Rabbit Ray Egg

You can only find these green eggs in the Safe Shallows. They take one day to hatch and have an energy value of 140, while a grown Rabbit Ray has a value of 420.

Spadefish Egg

This type of egg is blue with green threads wrapped around. You can find these eggs in the Deep Sparse Reef, the Grand Reef, the Grassy Plateaus Caves, the Underwater Islands, and in the Underwater Islands Caves. As you can see, these eggs are very common, which makes sense since Spadefish can be used for cooking or for their 420 energy value (the egg only has a 140 energy value, though)

Stalker Egg

Stalker eggs are brownish in color and can only be found in the Kelp Forest. They have the lowest energy value (105); however, a grown Stalker will have an energy value of 560.

Special Eggs

There are special eggs in the game that belong to Leviathan-type creatures. You can’t hatch them in your Alien Containment, but you can still find them in the game. These are:

  • The Sea Dragon Leviathan Egg, which are located at The Disease Research Facility and in the Primary Containment Facility Egg Lab
  • The Sea Emperor Leviathan Egg, located at the Primary Containment Facility
  • The Ghost Leviathan Egg located in the Tree Cove at the Lost River

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