Gameforge Partners With FabLab Bruchsal To Provide PPE To Clinics

Video game publisher, Gameforge, is doing its part in supporting those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Germany-based publishing company – known for titles including Kingdom Under Fire 2, Runes of Magic, Wizard 101, and many others – has partnered with FabLab Bruchsal, a local organization of “self-proclaimed tinkerers and technology advocates,” in its effort of providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to clinics and medical personnel free of charge.

Gameforge donated two 3D printers to FabLab Bruchsal as part of a multi-company collective that has contributed to the cause, with other involved companies providing things like warehouse/storage space and other pieces of essential equipment.

The small, yet immediately impactful effort has already allowed for 225 face shields to be delivered to local medical facilities, with upwards of 500 more being produced in the short-term future. This is an equally impressive number considering this effort only kicked off around a week ago.

These visors are worn in along with respirators to help professionals and volunteers working on the front lines of the pandemic stay better protected against airborne infection while assisting patients suffering from the coronavirus.

“We want to show, that the FabLab scene can make a valuable contribution to our society, that equipment such as 3D printers can use all for the benefit,” stated FabLab Bruchsal board member, Lukas Wingerberg.

To learn more about how you may be able to get involved and help, send an email to: [email protected], or donate directly here.

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