GameStop Gear Up For Fall Sale: Save On Used Games, Shirts, And More

If you missed out on GameStop’s Pro Day Sale on August 15, you don’t have to fret. All this week, the store is offering additional savings with the GameStop Gear Up For Fall Sale, which features deals on everything from games to themed backpacks. In fact, some of the deals you can get on video games are exactly the same as in the Pro Day Sale, and if you’re looking for a way to blow off steam as the school year starts–whether that’s in-person or online–you’ll want to take advantage of the savings.

As far as video game deals go, GameStop is offering up to 50% off on pre-owned games priced at $20 or lower. That means you can get a used copy of Nioh 2 or Death Stranding for just $18. The savings stack if you purchase additional games. Buy two games and get 20% off the total, and buy three and get 30% off. This goes up to buying five pre-owned games for 50% off, which is a great way to make sure you have plenty to do this fall. Shirts are priced at $10, as well, so you can stock your wardrobe cheaply, too.

All backpacks and lanyards are 25% off during the sale, and while that might not seem like your first purchase at GameStop, did we mention a Mandalorian Baby Yoda backpack is part of the savings? Rather than pay the normal $80, you can get it for $60. An Xbox backpack is also available for just $15, so your gaming youngsters can show off their fandom this year before Xbox Series X launches.

For those who need some more basic electronics or accessories, the sale has you covered. A cute Avocado AirPods case is only $6, and Corgi-themed earbuds with a microphone are the same price. You can also save on a multicolor LED light strip to make your gaming room look even more professional, as 10 feet will only set you back $7.50.

You can check out the best deals in the Gear Up For Fall Sale below. These are all for new games, while some of the deals you can get on used games will put your prices even lower.

Best Gear Up For Fall Sale game deals

  • Borderlands 3 — $20 ($40) | PS4, Xbox One
  • Days Gone — $20 ($40) | PS4
  • Death Stranding — $20 ($40) | PS4
  • Dreams — $20 ($40) | PS4
  • Doom Eternal — $30 ($60) | PS4, Xbox One
  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint — $20 ($40) | PS4, Xbox One
  • MediEvil — $20 ($30)
  • Nioh 2 — $20 ($40) — | PS4
  • Rainbow Six Siege — $15 ($30) | PS4, Xbox One
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 — $40 ($60) | PS4, Xbox One
  • XCOM 2 Collection — $40 ($50) | Switch

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