Gravity-Defying Racer Grip Gets Free, Vomit-Inducing VR Support

Years of study and research into comfortable VR development has greatly reduced the issue of nausea in VR for many people. But Grip: Combat Racing has no time for your pathetic stomach.

As part April Fool’s day joke, part actual real free update, developer Caged Element just added headset support into its racer. Grip is described as a hardcore combat racer, inspired by the likes of Wipeout and Motorstorm. You hurtle around courses at high speeds, sticking to tracks that corkscrew around mountains and offer more loops than a Sonic game.

Check it out in the rather, uh, disgusting trailer below. Fair warning; even this will make you feel a little queasy.

Oh, we aint foolin’…
The VR update for GRIP is now available for FREE on Steam

Challenge yourself to get first place without losing your lunch*

*Sick bags not included. No refunds on PC Components sprayed with acidic liquid

— gripvideogame (@GRIPVideoGame) April 1, 2020

Suffice to say this will be an intense VR experience. But Grip also joins a list of full-on VR racers like Wipeout: The Omega Collection that, all jokes aside, will genuinely give a lot of players exactly what they’re asking for. There’s both single and multiplayer modes to play in. We haven’t played it for ourselves yet, but there should be enough to keep you busy.

Grip’s free update is available on Steam with support for pretty much every PC VR headset out there. The game costs $29.99, though you can get some bundles with more cars, too. However, you’ll be playing with either a gamepad or keyboard and mouse, not your usual VR motion controllers.

As for a possible PSVR version? Publisher Wired Productions doesn’t say no, but no news yet. Fingers crossed!

Will you be picking up Grip to test out the VR mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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