Final Fantasy VII Remake File Size Is Larger Than Cloud’s Ridiculous Sword

Final Fantasy VII Remake will require a whopping 100 GB of free space in order to download.

Square Enix has been so afraid that copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake wouldn’t make it to players in time for release day, it decided to sent copies out well ahead of time. So far ahead of time, in fact, that some people have already received their copies. This was no April Fool’s joke either as a few claiming to have received the Deluxe Edition of the game early have posted photographic evidence.

That photographic evidence has revealed a detail about the game that is both worrying and comforting at the same time. It requires the PlayStation 4 onto which it will be downloaded to have at least 100 GB of free space. The reason that will come as good news to some is because there were fears that the game would not be long and detailed enough, especially since the reveal that it will be split into multiple parts.

No fear there, but a file of that size means a long wait to play FFVII Remake even after the game has arrived/is available to download. The good news is the pre-download for the game will be available in the next few days. That means once the clock strikes midnight on April 10, 2020, FFVII Remake will be ready to play.

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