GreedFall: A Peculiar Alliance Full Walkthrough

In GreedFall, you’ll play as a noble of the Merchant Congregation who must travel to the island of Teer Fradee and hopefully make things easier for everyone. The problem? The island is filled with magic, mysteries, and opposing factions who so desperately need your diplomatic skills.

With that in mind, tons of quest and sidequest will take you and your companions across different areas of the map, helping people out and even opening up the path for romance. At some during your adventures, you’ll come across the “A Peculiar Alliance,” a sidequest.

  • Rewards: +4 reputation points with the Natives and 1900 XP.
  • Quest giver: Ullan, the chief of the village of Vignámri.
  • How to get it: Complete first the sidequest “An Aspiring Merchant.”

“A Peculiar Alliance” is the second part of the sidequest “An Aspiring Merchant.” After you finished the latter, you’ll be tasked with talking to Ullan, the chief of the village of Vignámri. He is in Glendgnamvar. Once there, the leader will ask who you are and say that he needs your help to talk to the leader of Hikmet to offer a peace treaty between both clans. If you accept the mission, the sidequest “A Peculiar Alliance” will start.

Step One: Travel To Hikmet

Now that you know what to do, you’ll need to head to the Hikmet Region to communicate Ullan’s offer. Once in Hikmet, just follow the sidequest marker, which will lead you to the Governor’s palace, where you’ll talk to Governor Burhan and tell him about Ullan.

While the Governor is on board with the alliance, he can’t leave Hikmet, and Ullan won’t come to them, so the only possible solution is to send an emissary to talk to Ullan and seal the deal.

Step Two: Deliver The Letter

Before you can return to Ullan and tell him about the emissary, you must first go and find the Vignámri merchant Ullan told you about and deliver to him a letter of passage so he can go inside Hikmet and trade with its people.

Go to the merchant’s location, and you’ll see he is in some trouble as some warriors are harassing him. You can either threaten them, reason with them (if you have enough Charisma), or tell them that some troops are approaching (you’ll need Intuition for this one). Whatever you choose, the warriors will go away, and now you can give the letter to the merchant.

Step Three: Go Back To Ullan

Now that the merchant situation has been taken care of, you can return to Ullan and tell him the good news. Once there, you’ll see that the emissary has already arrived, so you’ll have to wait outside for at least two hours while the two men talk their agreement terms.

After the time had passed, just head back inside and talk to the two of them. They will inform you that there’s a problem, the neighborhood village could attack the merchants coming from Hikmet, so you must organize a meeting between Ullan and Mordun so the three factions can come to an understatement.

Step Four: Talk To Mordun

It’s time to talk to yet another village chief, so head to Magasvar and enter the Vighulgsob Village. Once there find Mordun and speak to him, the man will not be very open to the peace treatment idea, so you can either let Siora speak, take advantage of Mordun’s pride (this option will require Charisma), or swear on your honor.

Whatever you do, Mordun will now be willing to attend the meeting; however, he won’t be meeting the men in Ullan’s village; instead, he’ll ask for the meeting to be held in Lanrhistel in a few hours.

Step Five: Go Back And Talk To Ullan And The Emissary

Go back to Ullan and the emissary and tell them Mordun’s conditions; the two men will be please with your negotiation skills and agreed to the meeting.

However, after they leave, your companions will warn you that they think Ullan is acting weird and that you should follow them to Lanrhistel to make sure everything is ok.

Step Six: Watch The Meeting

You now have six in-game hours to go and attend the meeting. Once you get to the place, you’ll see that Mordun is being attacked, so step in and save the man. Keep in mind that this fight involves multiple enemies and even some bear-like creatures, so prepare beforehand.

Once the fight is over Mordun will talk to you and confirm that Ullan betrayed both of you. After all, this was a plan to weaken Mordun and force him to merge with another village.

Step Seven: Confront Ullan

Go back to Ullan’s location and talk to him about what happened. The man will try to defend himself, saying the Murdon would’ve never agreed to their terms, so he had to protect his people and the peace he initially sought with the leader of Hikmet.

While Ullan knows you’re angry about what happened, he thanks you for helping him with the Hikmet folks and offer his help if you ever need it. This will end the sidequest, and you’ll get +4 reputation points with the Natives and 1900 XP.

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