Gunnar Partners With Razer To Create Gaming Glasses For Teens

Gunnar and Razer have teamed up to launch the first pair of blue-light blocking gaming glasses made specifically for teenagers. The glasses – called Moba, Razer Edition – feature a narrow frame design, adjustable nose bridge for smaller faces, lightweight construction, and amber lenses that block 65% of blue light.

The patented amber lenses are also smudge resistant, reduce glare, and you can even put prescription lenses in if you don’t wear contacts. Like most of Gunnar’s other products, the Moba, Razer Edition is built with a wrap-around frame to provide a comfortable fit while wearing a headset. All told, these seem to be another great addition to the Gunnar lineup of gaming glasses.

“Razer has always embraced and supported our younger gaming fans with the products they need to fulfill their passion for playing,” said Addie Tan, Associate Director, Razer CEO’s Office. “Our multi-year partnership with Gunnar has demonstrated a demand from adult gamers for quality gaming glasses that help them perform better while gaming. It is with great pleasure that we are now able to offer our younger gaming fans the same quality and protection in a pair of Razer branded gaming glasses designed specifically for them.”

Gunnar’s products are typically intended for adult players, although it does have a few glasses for kids under the age of twelve. There’s also the Cruz, made for anyone older than twelve, but the new Moba, Razer Edition glasses look to offer a more comfortable – and stylish – gaming experience. The sleek black design, accented by Razer’s iconic neon green on the inside of the frames, are bound to be a popular choice for young adults seeking a more professional-looking set of gaming glasses.

The new glasses come with an exclusive Razer-branded pouch and carrying case, ensuring they don’t get lost or broken while transporting them to a friend’s house for a weekend of gaming. They can be purchased on Gunnar’s website, with a starting price of $49.99. If you’re looking to get a prescription pair, the price jumps to $199.99.

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