Here’s What Fall Guys Would Look Like As An Anime

After joking about the possibility on Twitter, one voice actor imagined what it might look like if popular co-op Fall Guys was an anime.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (more commonly referred to as simply “Fall Guys”) is a battle royale multiplayer where players must complete a series of minigames in an attempt to become the last one standing. Anyone who’s ever played the game or watched it streamed knows that the chaotic nature of the game always leads to lots of laughs, intensely dramatic moments, triumphant celebrations, and even gut-wrenching heartbreak and betrayal.

Those four aspects may be common to Fall Guys, but you know what else they’re pretty common to? Anime!

Voice actor Max Mittelman (Ryuji from Persona 5, Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII Remake), who must’ve noticed the similarities between the two mediums, joked on Twitter about the possibility of turning the entertaining game into an anime. Followers and fans immediately agreed with the idea, so much so that Mittelman even tagged Fall Guys’ official Twitter account in a reply saying, “I think we have something here”.

Just yesterday, only a week and a half after his original tweet, Mittelman announced he had turned that “dream” into a reality. With the help of other voice actors, the question of “What might Fall Guys look like as an anime?” finally had an answer in the form of a two-minute-long animated video.

The video stars Mittelman alongside voice actors Robbie Daymond (Akechi from Persona 5, Prompto from Final Fantasy XV) and Ray Chase (Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, Roy from Fire Emblem). The trio, who make up the convention live show and streaming channel L.A.V.A., also penned the script. They were joined by voice actor Russel Baclig, who provided the incredible artwork and visual effects, in addition to voicing one of the characters.

Audio editing and special effects are credited to Mittelman, while Epic Game Music provided music for the clip with a track appropriately titled “Fall Guys But It’s Metal.”

The clip tells the story of four Fall Guys avatars in a race to qualify for the next round, but one intimidating Hot Dog (Chase) stands in the way. Luckily, thanks to things like “the power of friendship” and “microtransactions,” players Pink (Baclig), Green (Daymond), and Yellow (Mittelman) are able to successfully make it through.

At the time of writing, the video has amassed around 170K views on Twitter, plus an additional thousand views on Mittelman’s YouTube channel. The original tweet quickly caught the attention of Fall Guys’ official Twitter, who retweeted the video on their account.

Fall Guys is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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