HeroQuest Will Come To UK… For A Price

The HeroQuest fans who started it all have a chance to get in on the reboot fun… If they’re willing to put down some serious cash. Hasbro revealed plans to bring the new HeroQuest to UK stores next fall, but only the most expensive edition.

HeroQuest was a formative board game for many UK players. One TheGamer writer recalls how she and her siblings made up silly songs to remember the fundamentals of dungeon crawling. Such a nostalgic game was ripe for a reboot. Yet when Hasbro did announce an updated HeroQuest rerelease, it was limited to North America.

Now, it looks like online retailer Zavvi has a listing for HeroQuest. It also appears to be exclusive to Zavvi, according to Dicebreaker. This makes it the only way to get HeroQuest in the UK, although oddly enough Zavvi pre-orders are counting towards the current HeroQuest crowdfunding campaign’s stretch goals.

Even more mysterious is that Zavvi only lists the more expensive Mythic Tier version of HeroQuest. Those buying through the North American crowdfunding campaign can pick between a vanilla Heroic Tier and the Mythic Tier, which will include two expansions. For now, however, it seems UK buyers have to invest in the Mythic Tier. It’s not the worst news in the world – no doubt many HeroQuest fans are willing to pay a premium to re-experience childhood delight. Still, the limiting factors highlight just how bizarre Hasbro’s handling of this relaunch has been.

Sources: Dicebreaker, Zavvi, Hasbro

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