HIDEit: A Great Storage Solution For Your Many Controllers

If you’ve been gaming for years, or you game on multiple platforms, you probably have a collection of controllers. I myself have two Dualshock 4s (thanks to Mega Modz), an Xbox One controller, a Switch pro controller, and several GameCube controllers. And that’s not counting the Dualshock 3, Xbox 360, various Wiimotes, and others sitting in a drawer in my closet. It’s something many of us ignore until we need more controllers for a round of Smash Bros. But what if there was a better way?

HIDEit is a company founded on a similar principle. Their solution was to create a line of wall mounts that display tech in a pleasing fashion while also allowing cords to run down instead of clumping on the floor. The HIDEit website shows their full range of products, covering all major consoles, TVs, controllers, and even some PCs. They sent a universal Xbox and controller mounts for TheGamer to review.

I actually let the package sit on my shelf for a bit, telling myself I needed to set aside time to install it. It turns out I didn’t really need that much preparation. The HIDEit mounts were very easy to install, and the controller mounts in particular are my favorite part.

As my Xbox One is the launch model, I had to get the universal Xbox mount. This one works with the One, Slim, and 360 models. Because of this, it’s not quite as invisible as HIDEit mounts made for more recent consoles. The PS4 one, for instance, can make it look like the console is just sticking out of the wall.

Meanwhile, my universal mount clearly shows the frame and screws used to tighten or loosen it. It does, after all, have to open and close to fit a variety of consoles. There’s also the unfortunate fact that I can’t play disc games when the Xbox is mounted. The machine wasn’t designed for vertical play. That’s not much of a problem in this increasingly digital market, however, and I’m pleased with how the setup looks above my desk.

The installation took about two hours all said and done, and that’s mostly because I didn’t have the right drill for the job. It would take much less time for someone who knows what they’re doing.

What I love is how my Xbox controller looks to be floating there, waiting for me to grab it at my convenience. That’s the product I would wholeheartedly recommend. Not that the HIDEit Xbox mount isn’t great, I just know such a thing is an investment. The controller mounts, however, are great for any setup and literally require two screws for mounting. If you’ve got a pile of controllers taking up space in a drawer, definitely look into HIDEit.

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