Walmart Will Have The PS5 And Xbox Series X Today At 3 PM EST

It’s been two months since the PS5 and Xbox Series X & S went on sale, but stock has remained stubbornly low. Blame the pandemic messing with supply lines and also convincing people that would otherwise be going on vacations and going to concerts that maybe a new gaming console is the best use of their disposable income.

Restricted supply and insane demand have caused a shortage of next-gen consoles for months, but it looks like a trickle of more PS5s and Xboxes are about to hit Walmart’s online store.

According to a company email sent to The Verge, Walmart will be restocking PS5s, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S consoles later today at 3 PM EST (noon PST). Head on over to Walmart’s website and you’ll see the pages for each console confirm that they’ll get restocked at that time.

Note that this is exclusively sold through Walmart’s online store. The pandemic means that many local Walmarts are closed to in-person pickup, so the only way to get at these consoles is to order them online for delivery.

The Verge also notes there’s a smaller amount of PS5s and Xboxes available at GameStop, but expect Walmart to be your best bet if you’re angling for a next-gen console.

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