Insomniac Games Reveals Partial Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trophy List, Teases Collectibles And Activities

Insomniac Games has released an intriguing partial list of trophies from the next-gen launch title Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Stating that none of the released trophies contained major spoilers, the developer’s list did give players some insight into the challenges that await them.

It should be noted that while no major spoilers were included, there will be minor ones. Therefore, if you want to go into Spider-Man’s protégé story with fresh eyes, then look away now. If you’re happy to see what adventures lie ahead, however, then there are a few highlights that give us nostalgic throwbacks to Spider-Man PS4. The ‘Urban Explorer’ and ‘Memory Lane’ trophies appearing in the list gave us flashbacks to backpack hunting, except this time your spidey sense will be tingling for time capsules and postcards.

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The fan-favorite ‘Purchase All Suits’ trophy was included because, well, is there really any better part of the game? ‘Perform a 100x Combo’, crafting trophies, and a Photo Mode reward gave us the trophy-hunting bug that some side questers will take great pleasure in completing before progressing with the game’s main mission. Performing Venom Jumps and Dashes were also included in the trophy lineup, which highlighted Miles’ unique Venom attacks which will transform the titular character into a vigilante who glows in combat.

Some trophies such as ‘Ride Rhino through the mall’ and ‘Keep the bridge together’ referenced the exhilarating footage we got to see in gameplay mode during PlayStation’s Showcase. While the Rhino objective sounds quite amusing on paper, it is still a reminder of Miles’ boss fight with the antagonist, which showed off the PS5 title’s ray tracing.

Lastly, a few of the trophies including ‘Be Yourself’ and ‘Just the Beginning” emphasized Miles’ journey of self-discovery, as he begins to discover the full extent of his powers during the events of the upcoming narrative.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has already gone gold, and it was also recently revealed that the game would arrive at launch with a day one patch. The update will be relatively small, however it is an intriguing addition nonetheless. Insomniac Games also released a 20-second clip on Instagram of Morales swinging through New York City, harnessing a new energy to his mentor.

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