John Wick Hex Heads To PlayStation 4 Next Month

The action strategy game John Wick Hex, which first launched on PC in October 2019, is officially making its way to PlayStation 4 early next month, director Mike Bithell announced.

Bithell took to the PlayStation Blog to deliver the news, confirming that John Wick Hex will hit the PS4 on May 5. He spoke a bit about designing the game in the PS4 release date announcement post, where Bithell also mentioned that the editor of the last John Wick film, 2019’s Chapter 3: Parabellum, provided feedback on Hex’s gameplay mechanics. You can check out John Wick Hex’s PS4 trailer below.

While the game is headed to PS4 and currently available on PC via the Epic Games Store, an ESRB listing claims John Wick Hex will supposedly launch at some point on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One as well. Neither Bithell nor the game’s publisher, Good Shepherd Entertainment, have confirmed whether Hex will appear on other consoles.

We awarded the game an 8/10 in our original John Wick Hex review, saying, “It’s a slick and well-oiled game that succeeds in giving you a new, engrossing way to experience John Wick and its signature brand of chaotic action.”

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