Keanu Reeves Says He’s Never Played Cyberpunk, Despite CD Projekt Red Saying He Loved It

You live by the Keanu Reeves hype, you die by the Keanu Reeves hype. In a recent interview, the Johnny Silverhand actor counters CD Projekt Red's claim that he "loved" playing Cyberpunk 2077, explaining that he hasn't actually picked it up at all.

Reeves revealed this during an interview with The Verge, saying that he doesn't play video games – including the one he starred in. He admits he's "seen demonstrations" of it, but seems pretty adamant that he hasn't played the action RPG himself.

This contradiction was spotted by some very eagle-eyed folks over on the Cyberpunk subreddit. While watching Reeves' recent interview, they noticed that it didn't fit in with our report from last December, in which CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński said the actor "loves" playing Cyberpunk. He went on to admit that he hadn't completed it yet, but this definitely gave off the impression that Reeves was actively working on his own playthrough, certainly not just watching a demo.

Reeves, however, is pretty adamant that he has not. When asked if he plays video games, he's quick to say he doesn't. This is followed up with the interviewer asking if he's at least played Cyberpunk, to which he responds: "No. I mean I've seen demonstrations, but I've never played it".

So, what gives? It's possible some wires got crossed over at CD Projekt Red. Kiciński may have been told that Reeves was loving the look of the game, which the CEO innocently assumed meant he had been playing it, rather than just watching demos. Another possibility is that Reeves interprets "played" Cyberpunk as sitting down with the final version in his spare time, rather than messing about in Night City prior to its launch.

Either way, it looks like starring in one of the most anticipated games in recent memory wasn't enough for Reeves to get into gaming. If that doesn't do it, it's unlikely anything will. In a strange little side note though, he did give his permission for fans to mod the game to have sex with his model, so you win some, you lose some.

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