All World 2 Green Stars In Super Mario 3D World

We’re back with yet another Green Star guide, and this time we’re covering all of the Green Stars from World 2 in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. Yes, there are a lot of stars to discover, but we’ve listed out every single one of them here so you have all the help you need to locate these precious items and go for completion.

World 2 will take you through a variety of funky levels, yet none of these stages should pose too much of a challenge for Super Mario veteran platform fans. Just read on below for all of the locations and details you need to know to grab every Green Star from Super Mario 3D World, and make sure to check out our World 1 guide if you haven’t already.

2-1 Conkdor Canyon

The first big wall you come across will have a Green Star atop it – you’ll need Cat Mario to climb the wall.

Once you find a Conkdor (that’s the weird pecking ostrich thing, by the way) surrounded by several large brick blocks, stand on the blocks to have it peck and destroy them. A Green Star is inside one.

Near the very end of the stage Captain Toad is being chased by one of these flightless birds – kill it to free the Captain and earn a Green Star.

2-2 Puffprod Peaks

The first Green Star here is found atop the walls you need to touch/point at to pull out of the wall. Stick to the left side while climbing up and you should be able to wall jump up towards a Green Star.

The next Green Star is found in a cloud cannon challenge after some moving platforms.

Finally, the third Green Star is also found on a moving platform – one that travels underneath a part of the stage, close to the end of the level.

2-3 Shadow-Play Alley

This stage is iconic, and the Green Stars here aren’t too tough to find. For the first Green Star just look for a star-shaped shadow near the beginning of the stage, and then run towards the camera to find it.

The next Green Star is in a challenge room behind a bunch of pink blob enemies that block the wall. Use the Piranha Plant pot to eat away at them, and then jump into the warp block. Once inside the challenge, hit the switch and you’ll see the star shadow under the stairs.

Finally, once you’re at the end of the level, keep heading forwards, and you’ll find a terrified Captain Toad and a Bowser shadow. Run towards the camera again to discover Bowser is actually just a prop. Captain Toad will offer up the Green Star.

2-4 Really Rolling Hills

Climb the tall walls near the beginning of the stage to find a Green Star – you’ll need Cat Mario to get up.

The next Green Star is in the underground area. There will be green pipe on the bottom floor – make sure to drop down to the lower levels to find it. Inside, just run across all of the tiles until they are all lit up.

The last Green Star in this area is actually a tricky one. In the underground section again, once you hit the rolling platforms you should drop down on purpose. There’s a Green Star down here.

2-5 Double Cherry Pass

Ah, one of my favourite stages. The first Green Star can be found hiding inside a crate near a clear pipe.

The next Green Star will require either a Double Cherry double, or a second player. Just jump on the two P switches in the passageway simultaneously.

The final Green Star will require four characters, so that’s either multiple Double Cherry power-ups, or multiple friends. I don’t know which is tougher. Near the flagpole you’ll find a platform for four, and once you stand on it it’ll raise to see a Green Star.

Big Galoomba Blockade

These Galoombas just need a couple of hits each, and then they’ll die and give up a Green Star.

Castle – Bowser’s Bullet Bill Brigade

You can use a Cannon Block in this stage, which makes things much easier. The first Green Star will be uncovered after defeating several fire-breathing piranha plants early in the stage.

The second Green Star is in a lone crate aboard Bowser’s marching militia.

The final Green Star requires you to use the cannon block to shoot out the wall behind the green pipe at the end of the stage.

Mystery House Melee

This mystery house melee has five Green Stars to find, and it’s actually pretty simple. You just need to beat up some easy opponents. Defeat the following enemies within the time limit to earn a Green Star for each.

  • Galoomba x2
  • Koopa Troope x2
  • Cat Gooma x2
  • Conkdor x4
  • Fire Bros x2

Once you’ve completed and collected all of the Green Stars listed here you’ll be done, and it’s on to World 3!

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