Kitboga Is Now Trolling Scammers Selling Fake Coronavirus Cures

Unfortunately, a new group of scammers have surfaced – those who specialize in selling products that supposedly fight off the coronavirus. Twitch streamer Kitboga continues to do the work of God, however, rooting these villains out and wasting their time.

After stumbling upon an essential oils advertisement that dishonestly implied COVID-19 prevention, Kit decided to investigate how far the vendors were willing to go with the scam. Using a voice-modulator, he posed as one of his favorite characters – an old woman named Barbara. The results were nothing short of hilarious.

When it comes to Kitboga, the scammer becomes the scammee. The veteran streamer makes artistic work out of swindlers who run these fraud operations, aiming to burn as much of their time as possible. Simultaneously, he spreads awareness about various scams to his viewers.

Examples of Kitboga’s amusing tactics are endless as his channel is filled with successful sting operations. He really is an endless fountain of creativity when it comes to buying time, talking in circles to increasingly frustrated scammers.

One of Kitboga’s greatest moments occurred recently on Twitch. He managed to talk a scammer into playing a game of online chess with him, eventually beating him. When the dust settled, Kit told the scammer he wouldn’t be getting money because he lost the game.

Kitboga realizes that all of the power is in his hands; Scammers require something from him, not the other way around. Therefore, he can use their desperation to manipulate them into doing ridiculous things (as long as they are still buying the act.) This is evident at the 41-minute mark of the below video, when Kit convinced an angry scammer to say the words: “I’m sorry I acted like a baby. I’m going to be a better person now.”

Kitboga is one of the best content creators on Twitch, because his content is built on doing something good for the world. He brings awareness to the danger of scams like Dr. K brings awareness to the positive benefits of psychiatric help. If Twitch is going to continue to branch outward from gaming streamers, more creators like Kitboga or Dr. K are ideal for the platform.

Sources: Twitch, YouTube

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